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Infidigit is a SEO Company in India which has gained major accolades across the globe and established itself as a front runner in offering Digital Marketing services to big and small brands. Their journey began in April 2017, when Kaushal Thakkar, decided that the SEO marketplace environment needed something new.

Kaushal Thakkar is the Founder & MD of Infidigit. In an interaction with The Tech Pod, Kaushal speaks about the importance of data protection in an AI driven world. Read more!

Tell us something about yourself and what does your company do?

Kaushal Thakkar is an Entrepreneur, avid Digital Marketer and Growth Hacker. He fell in love with the Internet in 1999 when the Internet was only text without any images. Since then, he has enabled various organisations with their digital strategy. He founded his first venture in 2004, co-founded the first hyper-local eCommerce store in India in 2005, powered digital marketing and created robust products at Myntra, Tata Group, ICICI Group, Times of India Group, and several other companies. In 2017, he re-initiated his entrepreneurial journey with his digital marketing company, Infidigit.

Infidigit is a Multiple Award-winning, Digital Marketing Company focused on Growth via Organic Search. Coupling fundamental data-driven approach with a fresh flair for innovative solutions, Infidigit team drives growth for brands like Myntra, Dream11, Zivame, ICICI, Prudential, Medlife, The Iconic and many more.

Infidigit excels in offering its clients organic growth via new approaches and ingenious ideas. This young SEO Company in India has been in the game for just three years but has made a significant impact on the marketplace by gaining accolades for its distinguished performance and results.

Following a data-driven approach to branch out on all possibilities, and employing a target-based delivery system helps them in developing unique strategies for their clientele. They have won more than 15 awards in India, and they are the only Indian SEO company to be a finalist in the Search Engine Land Awards in 2019.

How is AI going to change the way we work?

AI is already reshaping our work environment. A few years back AI started to replace routine blue-collar activities like factory production activities, now AI is replacing white-collar activities like digital marketing, finance, etc. e.g. Google introduced automated bidding on the search ads. Till the time this feature was launched, bidding for PPC ads that appear on Google search was a regular activity in the life of Search Engine Marketing professionals. Now with automated bidding in place, they need to focus on other work areas. Similarly, many activities are evolving, and Human beings will have to focus on ideation, strategy and such other activities that an AI cannot perform efficiently as of yet.

Do AI and data protection go together?

With so many instances of data leaks, it is natural to be worried about data security and protection, especially in the AI world. Most of the companies ensure that data protection is integrated into the applications right from the design phase. So for such companies and applications, it would be safe to say that AI and data protection go together. However, not all companies across the world may follow such practices. There are several factors like the Government policies, corporate responsibilities, etc. that would determine what all information would be captured and shared with others. So a user needs to share critical information with only those apps that they trust. 

What is Digital Marketing & Different Types of Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a way of creating awareness and recognition for your brand or product/services through digital channels. e.g. The advertisements that you see while browsing the internet are digital. While Digital marketing has many other components, this method of serving ads to you is a part of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing can be classified into the following types.

  • Owned Media e.g. Website, Email
  • Earned Media e.g. Organic Search (SEO), Organic Social
  • Paid Media e.g. Ads on Google, Facebook

What is the scope of AI in the 21st century?    

AI would become more prevalent in our everyday lives. e.g. Today you use Google maybe only for searching for something by typing or speaking on your phone. Soon, you will be doing more visual searches by pointing your camera at the object you need more information about or to buy products. When such changes happen, the ecosystem around has to adapt. In the above case, the role of a search engine optimisation (SEO) professional would change. i.e. while s/he was more focused on text and images till date to rank #1 on Google for your searches, soon they will have to explore about optimisation for such visual searches. Similarly, AI would transform many activities and jobs across industries. Be ready to adapt.



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