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Sequretek is a Mumbai based cybersecurity company which was started in 2013 by Pankit Desai and Anand Naik. The company is known for the application of ML and AI in its cybersecurity platform which is capable of throwing threat actors trying to enter customers’ system from multiple touchpoints. Sequretek has been monitoring user behaviors, threats from hostile nation-states & has been noticing threat patterns with respect to Covid-19. With a daily surge on Covid-19 updates, new malicious web links are cropping up that propagate malware. Today, in the COVID-19 World, WFH has become an accepted corporate culture, giving rise to security challenges across industries. Enterprises are waking up to the importance of Cybersecurity, and there has been a rising demand for cybersecurity services among businesses. Sequretek has seen a peaked interest in their offerings during the lockdown period of March – June.

Pankit Desai is the Co-founder & CEO of Sequretek. In an interaction with The Tech Pod, Pankit speaks about the role of AI and ML in cybersecurity. Read more!

Tell us something about the company.

Sequretek started in 2013 by Pankit Desai and Anand Naik is built on the foundation of ‘simplifying security’ which means less complexity and driving down the cost of ownership. This vision drives the design, development and deployment of every innovation that comes out of Sequretek. 

Sequretek is headquartered in India, with operations in the US and customers across North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and India. Sequretek is known for the application of ML and AI in its cybersecurity platform which is capable of thwarting threat actors trying to enter customers’ system from multiple touchpoints. It is among the few companies who provide end to end cyber-security offerings in the areas of Endpoint Security, Identity Access Governance, Threat Intelligence, Security Monitoring, and Security Management. 

What cybersecurity means today and how can we be safe?

Cyber-security has forever been “for the elite, by the elite and to the elite”. Elite here means that the skill-set required for understanding cyber-security needs deep knowledge, money required for purchasing these solutions was only feasible for companies having deep pockets. In addition to above you need to be a recognized brand which is based out at a metro city. We wanted to democratize cyber-security irrespective to their size of businesses, such that the small organizations can access the same services that the industry giants do.

Various studies found out that the cost incurred in prevention is much lower than the cost incurred after a data breach. Not only cost, but also confidential data is on stake. Moreover this pandemic & concepts like WorkFromHome have only worsened the challenges. Same desktop & laptops are used by employees for both personal and professional use which directly implies to increased use of freeware and unauthorized applications. Freeware are one of the easiest channels through which attackers plan a cyber attack to compromise organization’s network.

We’ve seen a lot of new & complex attack patterns post pandemic period. Earlier, the antivirus solutions were capable of blocking malwares and thus prevent the harm that they might cause to the system / network. But existence of these new attack patterns, zero day attacks & file less malware have made it impossible for a traditional anti-virus to detect the malicious nature of the file.

It’s not just the file or file-less malware that needs to be tracked, but an employee could also be a medium through which a cyber attack can be carried out. Say for example a disgruntled employee leaving the company on a bad note or a well performing one who is greedy for more money can set up a game as they have access to data within the organization. We’ve seen tremendous growth in the increase in the number of data leaks.

Enterprises are also feeling the heat from regulators, governments to beef up their security defenses. Due to privacy acts coming into play, there is a fair amount of legal scrutiny about how data is being used. With the boards of companies also being questioned, now they are also asking the CEOs about cyber security readiness of the organizations.

Sequretek was born in 2013, therefore, with a vision “to simplify security by consolidating the technology landscape” and mission “to empower our customer’s growth without fear as their trusted security partner by simplifying security”. The key words here are removing fear attached security threats linked to the digital transformation that has become essential for our customer’s growth and the fact that we will make security simple and accessible to them as their trusted partner.

How does your AI and ML driven technologies ensure that your customers are safe?

Sequretek’s AI- and ML-driven technologies ensure that companies are armed against all threats, known and unknown; and drive down the cost of ownership. A key tenet of our approach is enhanced visibility into the enterprise: you cannot secure what you cannot see. Improved visibility in the cloud means precise, actionable intelligence as well as more efficient and proactive management of resources – the best competitive edge enterprises require in today’s marketplace.

Sequretek EDPR (endpoint security) and MDR (security monitoring) are AI/ML based suites for superior threat detection, proactive prediction, and automated response through highly trained and efficient deep learning algorithms. The product also leverages Big Data Security Analytics in collaboration with global threat Intelligence to handle large amounts of data ensuring advanced anomalies and threats are detected. It orchestrates automated response workflow for events performing the recommended action and bolster staff productivity through reducing workload.

Our AI based EDR detects malware not only on the basis of signature that exists in a database, but also detects based on behavior, heuristics of the file, sand-boxing the file which increases the detection capabilities. This helps enterprises prevent against ransomware, coin-miners, advanced persistent threats (APT) and new malware.

To make our product suite world class and compete in the Global market place, Sequretek has engaged ICSA lab, USA to benchmark and certify our product suite. Our product successfully achieved the certification for Advanced Threat Defense with phenomenal accuracies.

What products do you offer to empower cyber defense?

Sequretek products offer cutting edge technology solutions (with inbuilt AI) for next generation threats. Combination of Sequretek EDPR (Endpoint Detection, Protection and Response) and IGA (Identity, Governance and Administration) along with MDR (Managed Detection & Response) gives enterprises a consolidated view of their enterprise security with supreme ability to Detect, Manage and Respond to next generation threats.

Sequretek helps enterprises by providing:

  • Endpoint Security, A 6-in-1 AI based product which ensures that no malicious files enter your endpoint through applications & devices, and self updates to fix existing vulnerabilities
  • User Access Governance, for access management procedures and compliance reporting. In short you could call it an end to end employee access lifecycle management product.
  • Managed Detection and Response, where we do predictive threat analytics, threat hunting and threat mitigation. The log monitoring is carried out on a 24*7 basis for better incident response management.

According to you, how is AI changing the way we normally do things? 

Data collection and analysis has highly ramped up due to the proliferation of connected devices & robust connectivity. With the continuous growth and innovations, AI has grown exponentially over the recent years and is now largely integrated into our daily routines. It has had impact on most of the industries be it chat-bots which understand the context & nuance, a smart-phone stylus which predicts the next set of actions or next set of words that a human is thinking of, a digitized textbook who would assist humans to take a virtual tour or a Bloomberg which uses AI technology to make quick sense of complex financial reports.

AI and ML have provided capabilities which every major technology leverages to grow and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.



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