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Air Ok Technologies Pvt Ltd is a company Headquartered at Delhi, focused on addressing the rising levels of air pollution with innovative solutions in air purifiers, filters, face masks, purifying bags and others. The company specializes in providing customized solutions for indoors, outdoors and for both residential as well as commercial setups, including data centers. Their flagship solution is EGAPA, a patented filter technology that efficiently reduces high levels of CO2, VOCs and other toxic chemicals, thereby providing a comprehensive indoor air quality solution. Besides providing innovative solutions, the company is also focused on unique designs of the products to enhance user experience and align with today’s design sense of homes and offices.

V Deekshith Vara Prasad is the Founder and CEO of AirOK Technologies. In an interaction with The Tech Pod, Deekshith speaks about the importance of AI for the 21st century. Read more!

Tell us something about yourself and what does your company do?

AirOK thrives on the concept that clean air is a necessity for every individual. Founded by a team of IIT Madras graduates, AirOk has designed and developed a revolutionary combination of air purifiers with high efficacy and performance with unique design and patented technology. The company also provides customized filter technology in accordance with the requirement of a designated space. We take into consideration air flow dynamics and energy efficiency unlike conventional air filters.

How exactly EGAPA technology works

The EGAPA filters help in the maintenance of better air quality by removing up to 99.7% of the harmful indoor air pollutants. They have high performance filtration rates which helps it adsorb all acidic and alkaline gases. They can remove particulate matter as well as acidic, alkaline and volatile gaseous pollutants, and also microbial contaminants. It is especially effective in reducing Carbon Dioxide concentration in an occupied indoor space.

What is the future of the cleantech industry & how AirOK plans to position itself?

The future is now for the cleantech industry. While we were already grappling with increased air pollution, things turned for worse with the outbreak of Covid pandemic. There is an urgent need to ensure clean air all around and devices that can help kill viruses around. AirOK has acted swiftly in this regard by offering a first-of-its-kind air filter that not only captures microbial contaminants but also kills them. The filters are made up of a unique composure of material.

Besides, we also recently launched N95 and N99 masks.

Discuss with us the AirOk Technologies governance system.

Every Team member is been monitoring directly by the heads of the departments who are supposed to report at Every single point of new updates.

Example: Every Salesperson is supposed to report about their calls, meetings, follow ups, Deadlines, Closures every week to the sales head.

How do you reach out to your clients?

  • Direct Sales
  • Suspecting
  • Channel partners
  • Website
  • Social Media

What product categories and technology innovations AirOK plans to launch in near future?

AirOK is coming up with an UV-infused EGAPA filter series for houses and office spaces that would be imperative in the Covid-19 scenario. Considering the size and cell structure of coronavirus, AirOK’s UV-infused EGAPA filters would help in not only reduce the concentrations of bacterial, particulate and toxic gases, but also in killing coronavirus inside houses and offices.

AirOK has also developed a technology to fit on the HVAC systems to prevent coronavirus from spreading in air-conditioned rooms. A proposal has already been shared with the Delhi government in this regard.

How important is AI for the 21st century?

AI has become an integral part of our daily lives. Any app we use, any social media platform we access, or any device we use, they are all powered and managed through Artificial Intelligence.

How big data helps manage a huge amount of clients

A dedicated sales team which handles big data through suspecting calls, converting them to leads followed by meetings.



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