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Avaali is a consulting and technology services company specializing in Information Management. They work with large enterprises to help them increase process agility, drive governance and compliance with Information Management solutions. Close to 80% of business processes across industries are manual in nature despite these large enterprises investing heavily in transactional applications such as ERP, CRM, SRM, HR etc. 

In an interaction with The Tech Pod, Srividya Kannan, Director, Avaali Solutions speaks about how COVID-19 is accelerating digital transformation. Read more!

Tell us something about yourself and what does Avaali do?

I lead a company called Avaali Solutions that is headquartered in Bangalore, India. Avaali works with large enterprises to help them significantly accelerate process agility and reduce costs with digital solutions. We focus on business processes, to determine what outcomes could be achieved by eliminating redundancies and challenges in operational processes.

Our consulting engagements are very focused in the form of a quick two to typically about eight weeks engagement to help our customers with a blueprint that not only lays down the to-be process but also helps define the various routes to achieve the desired state by first leveraging the technologies that have already invested in, and what additionally they need to invest in. We have deep skills across various technologies like AI Chatbot, RPA, Information Management solutions, OCR and BPM solutions. We also have our own solutions under our brand called Velocious. These include our supplier collaboration portal, productivity tracking tool and payment approval automation solutions.  We actively work with our customers on change management to help them navigate the change quickly and maximize returns from their investments. 

Do you think Information Management is the key to Digital Future? Why?

Information Management lays a very strong foundation to digital business. Information management solutions automate the lifecycle of unstructured content in enterprise business processes including documents, emails, identification of exceptions and initiation of workflows depending on exceptions to then automating those workflows and enter data in structured data applications at the end of that process. This is almost indispensable for creating a digital future.

How COVID-19 is accelerating Digital Transformation? Is COVID-19 really the biggest driver of digital transformation?

There is an increasing shift towards digital. Right from meetings to ordering food, everything is increasingly getting online. No one ever planned for this kind of humanitarian crises. Nevertheless, enterprises who have invested in digital processes are experiencing less disruption in their process due to COVID. Investments in digital is certainly going to see a huge momentum as enterprises want to insulate themselves from similar crises going forward. They want minimal manual interventions and want as much touchless processing as possible. Clearly, enterprises that move fast and decisively will certainly come out stronger when the current crises ends.

How AI is driving the next wave of digital transformation?

AI has the potential for massive adoption across business functions to accelerate the pace of recovery in a post COVID world. Right from ensuring right sourcing, supply chain ruggedness to superior customer engagement, AI has the potential to not only handle processes independently but also predict patterns and risks and provide proactive alerts well in time. Hyper personalization will increasingly become reality with AI. Together with human intelligence, AI is likely to be a significant enabler to improve revenue growth and drive profit margins.

How Digital Transformation can improve customer experience?

With digital solutions and increasing mobile adoption, there is now significant power of a brand to influence customer experience and drive positive outcomes. At every stage in their customer engagement journey, there is massive potential to understand how the customer perceives the brand to then take necessary action to influence decision or take corrective measures. Customer facing processes including sales, marketing, post sales and customer service processes could be greatly enhanced to drive faster and better outcomes with digital. With continuous data that feeds in, further improvisations could be made to improve the customer journey to attract, secure and keep customers.



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