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CyborgIntell was formed to fill a gap in the market. There was already AI and ML, and predictive analytics tools and businesses using it. There were smart algorithms and code and great programmes. But they didn’t really provide what the market needed— AutoAI based predictions that were fast, accurate, explainable, efficient at scale and actionable. Existing products needed scarce data science skills, adequate understanding of technology as well as domain knowledge to derive real value, making them beyond the reach of most. CyborgIntell is a part of NetApp Excellerator Cohort 6.

Suman Singh is the Founder & CEO, CyborgIntell. In an interaction with The Tech Pod, Suman talks about howAI supports businesses by automating business processes. Read more!

Tell us something about yourself and what does your company do?

CyborgIntell was founded by Suman Singh, along with Mohammad Nawas and Amit Kumar who are the VP of Product Development and VP of Engineering, respectively. The idea evolved when we realized how time consuming it was to build an accurate machine learning model. The primary struggles were obtaining the right set of resources and talent, and the complexity of deploying these models. Therefore, we built CyborgIntell to deliver a software that anybody can utilize to build a machine learning model which will help business value with a single click. Essentially, CyborgIntell’s iTuring AutoAI is a single click solution that uses AI to work like a smart data scientist.

How is CyborgIntell revolutionizing data potential to business value?

Our product is a cohesive data science & machine learning platform that can help organizations meaningfully leverage data from across the business to get real-time insights. It helps business leaders make highly predictive decisions to solve business problems such as growing revenue, optimizing cost, improving customer experience, and reducing risk exposure with less input from colleagues skilled in technology and analytics. It reviews and transforms data and automatically selects features that will produce the most accurate predictions and then with proprietary algorithms and best practices in model development, deployment & monitoring, it develops models with higher / improved accuracy, which helps realize incremental business benefits. Additionally, with its ability to develop production-ready AI models in a few hours, it enables faster time to market for the business.

How is CyborgIntell able to make a prediction that helps in empowered decision making?

Our product and services help businesses who want to develop and run dynamic and explainable AI models quickly and with a higher ROI as opposed to solutions from competitions that have challenges in Explanability and governance.

Our comprehensive, holistic AI Platform is a zero code and single click, fully automated end to end data science and machine learning platform. Our product analyzes and transforms data and improve its quality and automatically identifies the most relevant features of data to ensure the most robust & accurate predictions. The AI agents then develop several models across ML libraries and apply best in class statistical measures for evaluating models and recommends champion models to ensure maximum predictive accuracy and ROI on business decisions. We provide detailed Explanability and interpretation of predictions of machine learning classifiers and drivers, which ensures management buy in and in turn results in timely business actions. Additionally, it ensures holistic model governance & AI failure prevention and supports organizations with model health checks, failure prevention, fall back plans and query and audit of data, results, and code, thereby ensuring no impact to business results due to AI failure.

How can AI help businesses advance?

Artificial intelligence has found its place in businesses today, working alongside humans to propel enterprise growth. AI supports businesses by automating business processes, obtaining insight through data analysis, and engaging with customers. Robotic Process Automations has taken over back-office administrative and financial activities allowing for humans to spend time on more focused work. Similarly, AI helps businesses analyze massive volumes of data to derive actionable insights that can help in decision making. It also improves enterprise communication with customers and partners through natural language processing chatbots, intelligent agents, and machine learning.

What is the scope of AI in India?

AI has been a mainstay in large scale Indian enterprises, but recent events have led many smaller organizations also to undergo digital transformation. According to a recent Accenture study, AI can add US$957 billion (15% of current gross value added) to India’s economy by 2035. AI is being used to optimize businesses, to improve cybersecurity, to revolutionize retail and to create a robust healthcare system. AI in India still has more potential to achieve as well as innovate, with even the Government of India ramping up and setting several initiatives to spur this growth.



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