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The Tech Pod, IncubateInd, E-4, Sector 3, Third floor, Noida, 201301 builds, runs and scales just about anything you can think of. The human-assisted AI can build the tailor-made software using the collective knowledge of what’s been built before, an assembly line connects reusable features with specialist creators from the global network.’s products include Builder Studio, Builder Care, Builder Cloud, Builder Now (launched Nov’19), and most recently Builder Store. 

Sachin Dev Duggal is the Founder and CEO of In an interaction with The Tech Pod, Sachin speaks about the combined power of AI and ML. Read more!

Tell us something about yourself and what does your company do? is a 360-degree software service for entrepreneurs and enterprises to build, run, and scale any idea, without the need for coding. We aim to encourage entrepreneurs, SMBs and enterprises alike to build their dream businesses without experience in design or tech and move their operations to the cloud with confidence. 

Our human-assisted-AI platform lets you create on-demand, tailor-made software using a library of reusable features and a network of verified expert talent from around the world. Our after-care product– Builder Care, keeps this software up-to-date, and for businesses in need of an infrastructure to support growth, our cloud solution– Builder Cloud, combines all the best providers into one platform to bring you the best possible price. 

Our platform brings together all the required pieces for their dream – i.e. to build, run, and scale a business. All that someone needs is an idea. 

Key Products: 

● Builder Studio: A unique software building interface so easy anyone can do it 

● Builder Care: Keeps your software updated so you’re never blindsided by 3rd party changes 

● Builder Cloud: Get scaled automatically with Builder Cloud 

● Builder Now: Prototype your big idea in less than 10 mins and it’s free! 

● Builder Studio Store: a new range of pre-packed apps – beginning with e-commerce and delivery designed to bring about digital transformation for businesses both faster and at a fraction of the cost to help the SMBs amid COVID-19. . 

Can digital technological banks be more effective in the future of the banking industry in India? 

New trends in finance, from open banking to the rise of fintech startups, are already disrupting the industry and putting customers at the heart of the future of banking. This change has been driven primarily by the growing use of smartphones and affordable internet connection. Digital technology gives customers greater access and control of their own finances. They can withdraw money, apply for loans or credit cards, make 

payments online via their smartphone and more. So, it is clear that to be successful, the bank of the future will need to embrace emerging technologies, remain flexible to adopt emerging business models and put customers at the forefront. We anticipate consumer expectations to demand frictionless transactions: safe, fast, and automated. The future shows promise for innovative technologies that vastly facilitate banking–inclusive banking through new types of bank models, non-traditional alliances to make banking affordable, and fintech capabilities to make banking customer-centric. 

 What is the future of banking? 

The digital age we are in has changed and upgraded the interaction and business format in all the businesses across the world. This process has now been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. With further technological advancements, the future of the banking ecosystem will look much different than today and will extend well beyond financial services. The adoption of AI by most banks through chatbots is one of the examples of providing seamless services. Banks and financial organizations should start evaluating and revamping their digital ecosystem such that all support and customer service processes leverage the modern digital methods such as mobile applications, use of conversational AI such as Intelligent Digital Assistants and more. The future is inevitably digital and with the increasing adoption of advanced techniques, the entire landscape of banking is reforming which will continue to launch banking into a wholly digitized future. 

 How is the use of AI attracting customers towards digital Banking? 

AI is enabling businesses to alter their customer experience for the better. Within the field of technology, the combined power of AI and ML with varying levels of contribution is modifying various industries to break down complexities at various levels. 

The role of artificial intelligence has transformed the customer’s experience in helping with banking operations to serve the existing customers and get potential customers on board. AI, as a technology plays as a catalyst above this digital layer and offers transformative solutions to the banks and develops a better understanding of customers and their behavioural patterns. It helps banks identify fraud, detect anti-money laundering patterns and make customer recommendations. 

What is the scope of AI in the 21st century? 

With AI-led prototypes having achieved success in use case scenarios across the world, AI has become more than a buzzword. If in the previous decade technology disrupted the business ecosystem, we are now on the crossroads where technology itself is being disrupted by the novel functionalities of AI, ML and more. Several businesses are now realizing that the fast-evolving technology today has the power to be catalyzing business results never achieved before. Technology has just become more responsive and efficient to drive your business faster than your imagination. 

At our product Builder Studio uses human-assisted AI to build tailor-made software using the collective knowledge of what has been built before through an assembly line that connects reusable features with a network of 142 dev shops and thousands of specialist creators. AI is enabling businesses to alter their customer experience for the better. Within the field of technology, the combined power of AI and ML with varying levels of contribution is modifying the software development industry to break down complexities at various levels. The process of building and updating software can be managed more efficiently at a lower cost and in minimal time with the right deployment of AI and human resources. AI is increasing the developments in the tech space and is also helping firms in cultivating new business opportunities and adding more to the revenue of the digital economy. 

AI is not only helping to increase the pace of tech development space, but is also helping firms to cultivate new business opportunities and add more to the revenue of the digital economy. 

By unifying the capabilities of AI, ML, etc. with software development, the industry is set to experience tremendous growth. Going forward, more firms will be empowered to unlock the hidden potential in their respective verticals since AI will enable them to identify patterns and predict future demands faster than its human counterparts thus transforming product offerings altogether. 



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