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Khabri is India’s first and fastest-growing digital audio platform providing content in the regional language. It is the first pureplay audio platform to discover, listen and create audio content in an Indian vernacular. Launched in October 2017, Khabri was founded by three partners: Sandeep Singh, Pulkit Sharma and Aankit Roy. Taking inspiration from Prime Minister’s ‘Start-up India’ campaign, the concept of Khabri arrived from a situation where there is a lack of legal permit for news broadcasters in India to air content on private radio channels. Except for the All India Radio, where the news is broadcast at fixed times during the day, there are no audio-based platforms for Indian audiences on news and other updates in their local languages around the clock. In order to give more choice to local listeners, Khabri’s editors curate important and useful content throughout the day for their liberal consumption. Khabri’s platform is designed to cover local as well as national and international content for the Indian masses in their own regional languages.

Aankit Roy is the Co-Founder & CTO of Khabri. In an interaction with The Tech Pod, Aankit talks about how AI technologies are going to re-define our lives. Read more!

Tell us something about yourself and what does your company do?           

I am Aankit Roy, Co-Founder & CTO of Khabri. Khabri is India’s fastest-growing audio platform. Helping the next billion internet users to get the right information and knowledge in their local language. With over 1Million user base and creator base of 35,000.

Before Khabri I worked with EdTech startup OnlineTyari and helped them develop various data pipelines and monitoring tools at scale. Also worked on their first recommendation engine. 
I have been a coder right my school days and loved participating in coding competitions. I always wanted to use my tech skills to build something that could positively impact society. I found that with Khabri.

Discuss with us the difficulties that you face during the deliveries?     
1. When building for Bharat – Key challenges were around making sure that we are able to deliver content to low-end mobile devices (Limited processing and space). 
2. Also making sure that with increasing features the overall app size doesn’t increase considerably.                     
3. Offering uninterrupted audio streaming even in low network areas. 

How important are AI-based technologies in the 21st century?             
In the 21st century, with Internet penetration, affordable bandwidth, file-compression, fast processing along with constant effort by major consumer companies like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter will redefine the mobile experience.  AI has many use cases ranging from auto-completion in Google search to auto-driven cars. Given AI’s wide application, all companies want to integrate with their product and services, otherwise, they will not be able to compete with companies who are using a data-collection network to improve customer experiences and inform business decisions. The next generation of consumers will expect the product to understand their needs and provide instant, personalized responses with their queries. And the use of AI in the products will make it smarter, faster, and more personalized, which most of the companies are chasing for. So, AI technologies are going to re-define our lives and our digital interaction in the 21st century.

How does API integration technology help advance your business?
APIs ensure seamless communication between various applications. But, it is so done by exposing a limited amount of a program’s internal functions. In our business, we are able to move fast just by integrating the application with existing services and saved our time, effort, and cost. There are many API services, which made our life easy like Google translation API for language translation for improving search results, Msg91 API for OTP service, Clevertap API for automating the personalized notifications. and many more. 

Share your journey as an entrepreneur with us.

My journey as an entrepreneur has been super adventures and rewarding. My initial fascination with entrepreneurship was to use my tech skills to build something that could positively impact society at scale. I found that with Khabri. Going against my family’s wishes, I left my job with only 3 months of savings. But it was the belief that I had in the vision of Khabri and the amazing relationship that I share with Pulkit, which made it easy.The most rewarding part of the journey is that every few months you realize that you become a better version of yourself. This kind of learning curve is really required to serve the changing needs of a startup. From Building the first version of product to leading a team of 7 engineers, its been a fun ride. We started to build our tech team right after getting seed funding from GSF accelerator. And it took us 2 months just to hire our first engineer. Having worked in a startup before, we were super focused in building the right team from day 1. In the early days, the entire tech team used to code together, eat together, and at times live together. Having fun at what you are doing was always important and that helped us build a great product while breezing through challenges. 

Now that we have a much larger team, its amazing to see the initial team has taken up more responsibilities providing me the room to focus on R&D and preparing for the future. 


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