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IQLECT’s real-time analytics apps empowers predictive analysis and operational intelligence. Ideal for data-driven organizations seeking to improve their operations & customer engagement. IQLECT offers the platform as service on cloud and also be shipped as a converged box. The convergence of all necessary software and hardware in one box makes the proposition highly scalable, cost effective, easy to integrate and accelerates time to market for enterprises. IQLECT is a part of NetApp Excellerator Cohort 6.

Sachin Sinha is the founder & CEO of IQLECT. In an interaction with The Tech Pod, Sachin talks about global data sphere. Read more!

Tell us something about yourself and what does your company do?

Prior to founding IQLECT, I worked as the CTO of Jabong & Limeroad and Engineering Head at Amazon for the e-commerce sponsored links platform. I have also worked at SQL group at Microsoft where I was part of the incubation team to build an in-memory caching solution. Apart from this, I have co-authored and published papers and developed several IPs in database technologies and concurrent parallel systems.

To align with the data trend and to solve future use cases, we authored BangDB, a converged NoSQL data platform, one of the fastest database with streaming and AI natively supported to tackle high speed & volume data generated from devices, which will be more than 50% of the global data sphere. IQLECT is a converged platform, offering a new way of dealing with high-speed device data for predictive real time analytics. Just like an AppStore or Google play, we have our own solution store where prebaked solutions are kept for users to install, configure, and use.

How can IQLECT make use of data analytics to predict user behavior?

Predicting and understanding the user behaviour in real-time is a very complex problem. You not only need a way to pull real-time events into your system but at the same time use Machine Learning models to predict within the same milli-second and also ensure that your models are getting trained at the same time.

With BangDB which is our Proprietary Database you can now achieve real-time predictions. This ensures that now you not only have the power to analyze real-time user-behaviour but can build and automate solutions that can predict what the user is going to do next.

IQLECT’s lead scoring solution can help e-commerce companies understand in real-time based on user-behaviour which customers are going to buy certain products, and which ones are going to bounce off.

Using this solution companies can target the right customers and edge them towards conversion instead of a blanketed approach.

How do you help your clients in boosting their e-commerce?

IQLECT can help ecomerce companies in following ways :

Pre-built e-commerce analytics: With 270+ KPIs and pre-built dashboards and reports, the marketing team can focus and spend time on understanding their customer better. 

Real-time analytics: With sub-second latency teams can ensure they are never working on stale data.

Pre-built models: With our inventory forecasting, LTV prediction and lead-scoring solution, you can invest your time in segment and targeting the right customer instead of building and developing right models.

One tool for all your needs: IQLECT is not just a reporting tool. The platform encompasses Custom Visualization, ETL and Machine Learning studio. This means businesses do not need to move their data around different systems/tools for analytics, prediction and reporting.

How can your customers rely on you for predictive decision making?

IQLECT platform comes with a smart Auto-ML feature. This ensures that all the models are not just automatically restrained but the new model’s accuracy is kept in mind before it replaces the existing model. This feature ensures that all the models which are running on the platform are of highest accuracy and no manual intervention or downtime is needed for re-training.

What does the future of the IT industry look like with AR/VR technology?

AR/VR technologies open a new world of possibilities. Which means IT companies need to focus not just on the end applications which will run on these solutions but as well as the infrastructure and core backend services/solutions that can power such complex technologies.

This also means IT companies need to build smart softwares to handle the surge of data not just in the cloud but also at the edge devices to ensure a truly immersive experience for the end-users.



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