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Cube Wealth is an app-based wealth management company. It gives users access to 17+ curated investment options from thousands of options available in the Indian financial market, some of which include mutual funds, foreign stocks, gold and P2P lending, among others.

Satyen Kothari is a Mumbai-based entrepreneur and investor who is currently running his 5th venture called Cube Wealth, that aims to help people get on the path of getting richer, with no stress and complications. Having spent about 18 years in Silicon Valley, he is responsible for starting several successful companies in India as well as the US, including India’s first payments solution firm Citrus Pay.

In an interaction with The Tech Pod, Satyen speaks about the role of blockchain technology in wealth management. Read more!

Tell us something about yourself and what does Cube Wealth do?

I have been associated with the global fintech space for over a decade now. At present, I lead Cube Wealth, where we are dedicated to creating wealth for hard-working, busy professionals. We are disrupting the traditional investment world and bringing in a strong sense of quality and ethics.

Previously, I co-founded Citrus Pay, India’s leading digital payments solutions firm. I have also worked in Silicon Valley with companies like Cisco, Yahoo and frog design & Apple. I am also an angel investor and an investor in global venture capital funds.

My current focus is 100% on Cube. Cube Wealth is a digital wealth technology service that works on the concept of disciplined long-term wealth creation. The core idea is to simplify access to quality investments for professionals and create a trustworthy environment that allows for no mis-selling. The biggest convenience that Cube Wealth brings for its members is having their entire portfolio managed under one mobile application & being managed by money managers with decades of experience of producing outstanding returns.

The company has investments from prominent international investors, including Singapore-based venture fund Beenext, Japan-based Asuka Holding, US-based venture fund 500 Startups and myself.

How would you differentiate between your company & Paytm Money, ET Money?

Cube Wealth focuses specifically on busy professionals who want a simple, quality focussed and automated way of growing their wealth. We cater to investors who do not want to indulge in detailed data and dashboards every weekend to stay on top of their investments. We like to do the hard work using tech so our customers can relax and yet open the app just for 5 seconds a month to ensure their wealth creation journey is going well.

That’s why most of our users are busy founders and top management from reputed organisations. Smart people who have automated their wealth and believe in Cube’s core philosophy of building the Perfect Portfolio in the long term.

While a lot of services focus on robo-advisory and “AI”, Cube Wealth turns that concept upside down. We use a combination of proven human advisors with decades of experience and a beautifully simple app interface. The app uses simple English and doesn’t overwhelm you with complex graphs or ratios. You talk to your dedicated Cube Wealth Coach when you need advice and the app automates the rest.

There are indeed many other services out there. Some help you save. Others help you get started in investing with something simple like mutual funds. Cube is the upgrade level for users that are ready for something more sophisticated as they are succeeding in their careers. We focus on growing your wealth, and not just on making it simple to buy a mutual fund. This is a huge difference.

How blockchain technology is affecting wealth management?

I’m all for blockchain as a solution across the board, wealth management is no different. Tracking money, keeping track of data and ensuring everyone can trust the system is a big win. Though we still have miles to go before blockchain becomes part of mainstream wealth management. There is tremendous potential here with smart contracts and real-time settlements. Big banks and consortiums are putting their weight behind blockchain research and development. We are yet to see any real mainstream use cases in the indian wealth management context. However, do stay alert to what Cube is doing on this front in the international space.



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