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The Tech Pod, IncubateInd, E-4, Sector 3, Third floor, Noida, 201301

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Prasanth Yerrapragada is the VP – Technology at Telebu Communications. It has become quite obvious that technology has exceeded humanity. Obsessing over the technological advancements and innovative tools of disruption, Prasanth Yerrapragada, is spearheading Telebu communications towards its organizational goal as its VP Technology. During an interaction with TheTechPod – “Communication has become very easy with the use of technology”, says Prasanth Yerrapragada.

Prasanth envisions having a positive impact on the lives of people by building futuristic technology. He is passionate about agile and waterfall project management methodologies. Further, his role at Telubu is to provide thought leadership and technical consulting in outlining, executing, measuring, delivering and ensuring continuous improvement for product, resource utilization and setting up processes adhering to principles of lean methodology to boost productivity. Additionally, he is responsible for people development, product planning, change requests & management, dealing with service contracts and risk mitigation.

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About the company

Telebu is India’s first UCaaS company. It was founded in June 2018 but it’s foundation was laid way back in 2003 with the inception of SMSCountry. The firm offers software solutions as a service to businesses. Telebu has a portfolio of seven key enterprise communication products. Telebu differentiates itself from its competitors by offering the complete bouquet of products on a subscription model with no strings attached. This challenges businesses in the domestic ecosystem face. Telebu’s made in India products keep data secure, are easy to use, reliable, affordable to install and operate, easy to scale, and have zero downtime.

Telebu has a unique strategy. It does not cater to a single market, but multiple markets simultaneously. These can broadly be called the Team Communication, Team Collaboration, and Customer Communication markets. Put together the size of these markets will reach $150 billion by 2024. The COVID-19 pandemic has created another segment called the “work from segment”. Over the next five years, Telebu expects to capture ten per cent of this soon to be $350 million market.

In an interaction with Rohit Sardana, Prasanth Yerrapragada speaks about the future of communication in India. Also, Rohit Sardana is the Editor-in-Chief at TheTechPod and Co-founder of IncubateIND. Let’s hear the complete podcast. And, also understand – “Communication has become very easy with the use of technology – Prasanth Yerrapragada”.



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