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Edumarshal is a true Gateway to e-Campus. It has more than 4 years of expertise in the administration automation of schools/colleges/universities across the globe. Right from the tier 3 cities of India to Metropolitan cities of the globe, Edumarshal has been successful in marking its footprints. Currently it is being used in 7 countries across 500 schools/colleges/universities. The venture is the outcome of realization to create a cloud based seamless platform to connect all the stakeholders of the education industry e.g. Students, Parents, Teachers, and administration staff. In its current state it is an ERP for managing schools/colleges/universities, but its vision is to build a single platform and create a community driven platform for connecting all the stakeholders in the education domain. It’s not only an ERP but a LMS (Learning management System) as well.

Gaurav Kumar is the Co-founder & CEO of Edumarshal. With Edumarshal, Gaurav has not only made its mark as young and dynamic entrepreneur in the education sector, but has also established a vision to bring a new concept that is engaging in the ever evolving vertical of skill development.

Tell us something about yourself and what does Edumarshal do?

Edumarshal is a School ERP and Virtual Classroom platform that helps schools and institutions seamlessly get their school operations and classrooms online in just 7 days.

The Edumarshal Virtual classroom enables 100% learning uptime for your students and provides an online extension for your classrooms. Our service includes a 360 degree solution including ERP, Learning Management System, Web-Conferencing for teachers, Content Development and Instructional Design all tightly integrated with each other while still modular so that you can opt for each one of these separately.

What are the benefits of an eLearning platform?

While online classes can be conducted face-to-face either at physical classrooms or using online tools, the learning should not end there, in fact it should begin there. A Learning Management System (LMS) is a tool that enables this next mile journey of a student to enable re-enforcing concepts, learning new ones at their own pace as well as assessing them to measure their learning outcome.

When we set out to create the Edumarshal Virtual Classroom we did extensive research to understand the different platforms such as Canvas, Desire2Learn and we found that all of them had pretty standard features listed above. Most of these LMS do not address the some very important feature requirements of most institutions:

Apart from the standard features listed above, here are some of the features Edumarshal Virtual Classroom offers that are exclusive to our platform.

  • Integrated Web-conferencing – for Live Online classes that are designed around student teacher collaboration
  • Recorded classes –  stored seamlessly within the course
  • Built in Analytics – so your institution can gain valuable insights into the learner data
  • Prediction models – to identify… at risk learners
  • Content Authoring – create content within the LMS. No need for expensive authoring tools
  • Interactive Content – Make videos Interactive, Design Course presentations, Flash Cards, Memory games, you name it…
  • Simple, Intuitive interface – no steep learning curve.
  • Google Drive Integration – for a central repository
  • FlipBooks – Books styled content that enables easy learning of content that is detailed, with embedded audio and video.
  • Whitelabel – make it yours …after all you are paying for it.

While most LMS enable you to deliver online learning, they lack critical features that pose a big challenge as you grow. Of course you can do a patchwork of features…but do you really want to?

Wouldn’t an Integrated platform that provides you a complete solution be the way to go?

Is digitization the next step in the education sector after the COVID-19 pandemic?

The adoption of eLearning and Virtual Online Learning was growing at a steady pace. COVID-19 has fast-tracked it. It has brought schools and institutions back to the drawing board to re-think their education delivery strategy. The result has been that the adoption of virtual mode of learning has skyrocketed and become the prime source of education delivery.

What is the future of education in India in the post COVID-19 era?

With COVID-19 taking the world by storm and no solution in sight, it will be a while before schools re-open and when they do, we will be welcomed to a new normal. Online Learning is here to stay.

The Edumarshal Web-conferencing system offered by us is a white-label solution that offers an online class platform customised to your needs and can be scaled as per your requirements. Some of the features offered by the platform include:

  • Tight integration with the Learning Management System
  • Secure classes with SSL encryption, where only your students can connect.
  • Share Presentation, Webcam, Screen Sharing, White-boarding, Private Chat, Public Chat, Shared notes and many more features
  • Complete control over each class. Teachers can disable Webcam, Audio, Chat for students at a click of a button
  • Breakout rooms – To break a meeting into groups for discussions during the classes.
  • Recorded classes stored securely in the Learning Portal
  • Complete control over accessibility of the recording
  • Student attendance and compliance

Do you think EdTech companies will see a surge post this COVID-19 pandemic?

According to a KPMG report the online education market will grow at a CAGR of 20% and will be worth 18 billion US dollars. By 2021, the online education industry in India will witness a growth of about 6 times. Estimates point out that the eLearning market worldwide will grow massively to the tune of more than 243 billion US dollars by 2022.

Having invested in a Virtual classroom solution that enables both Live Online classes as well as asynchronous learning will help an institution have the first mover advantage. While institutions that resist the change now will scramble to adapt, your institution would have fine tuned the processes around eLearning.

Students expect and know they can rely on an institution to be at the forefront of change, to adapt to a style of education as per changing times.

In other words, institutions must be prepared to adapt, streamline and excel. And time’s running out.



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