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The Tech Pod, IncubateInd, E-4, Sector 3, Third floor, Noida, 201301

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Marc Miance is the Founder & CEO, Wave – The first mobile app which delivers full privacy. Also, he has over 20+ years experience in the field of technology, computer graphics, and digital production. Marc brings with him a rich experience that combines on-ground knowledge and high level management skills. Marc was awarded Best Animated Feature at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival for one of his most famous productions. During an interaction with TheTechPod – “Data is playing more important role than ever in Advertising now” says Marc Miance”.

His new start-up venture Wave is the world’s first social browser which allows people to manage their digital life on mobile. And share it the way they want with their friends.

In his current role at Wave, Marc is responsible for the supervision of product design. Also, leading R&D processes of the company. Based out of Provence, France, Marc is fond of cutting-edge tech and digital cinema. Marc espouses a life underlined with minimalism. While his home is his office, he also enjoys vanlife from time to time.

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About the company

Wave is the first mobile app which delivers full privacy. Wave browser creates a private place on your phone. Only you can access it and no one can collect your data from here. The start-up intends to be a game changer in the privacy space.

The platform was in beta phase for 20 months and, during this time, the team acquired more than 1 million users across India and fine-tuned the features. Till date it has raised USD 10 Million from business angel investors based out of India and France.

The wave team wants people to feel secure as they browse and make a space where users don’t feel over exposed in today’s interconnected world. They want people to have more control and easy browsing – without compromising on privacy.

In an interaction with Rohit Sardana, Marc Miance speaks about the future of advertising in India. Also, Rohit Sardana is the Editor-in-Chief at TheTechPod and Co-founder of IncubateIND. Let’s hear the complete podcast and understand – “Data is playing more important role than ever in Advertising now – Marc Miance.”



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