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DevOps is a disruption that will have a sweeping impact on software development practices. The advent of the application economy has changed the demand landscape completely. IT organizations are forced to relook at their IT infrastructure to the new normal demands. DevOps is not a tool, but a set of practices that enable fast-flow of application development work – from development to test to operations – while preserving the reliability and security of code. Traditionally, the development and operations teams involved in an application lifecycle have worked in silos, causing numerous bottlenecks during the application development.

DevOps tear down these invisible walls, enabling continuous development (CD) and continuous integration. Companies are moving towards DevOps due to the increasing need for high-quality fast application deliver. According to a report by MarketsandMarkets, the DevOps market size will grow up to $10.31 Billion by 2023. Thus, the career opportunities for DevOps engineers are immense. DevOps will be a challenging, high-impact, and critical role for every organization in the future and India will be at the forefront of it. During an interaction with TheTechPod, Kavita Viswanath says – “DevOps as a domain is booming.”

About the company

JFrog is one of the main players in DevOps. It’s products are available as open-source, on-premise, and on the cloud on AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. As a leading universal, highly available enterprise DevOps solution, the JFrog platform empowers customers with trusted and expedited software releases from code-to-production. More than 6000 customers trust JFrog. Top global brands such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, Netflix, Uber, VMware, and Spotify depend on JFrog to manage their binaries for their mission-critical applications. JFrog holds private offices across North America, Europe, and Asia.

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About the speaker

Kavita has over 19 years of experience in leading Enterprise Sales, Alliances, Strategy & Planning for core technology & e-commerce companies. As General Manager for JFrog India, she manages India Business and Operations including R&D, Support, Sales & Marketing, Finance & Operations. Before joining JFrog, she was associated with Flipkart, where she worked directly with Sachin Bansal on building the B2B business of their Made in India brand Billion and also with Flipkart Ads as the Head of Planning & Strategy. Her most recent stint with them has been leading Global Sales at
Myntra, for their AI based SaaS product.

Kavita comes from a strong technology sales background after having spent more than a decade with Microsoft and Oracle, managing Enterprise Sales and Alliances for their on premise and Cloud business.

In an interaction with Mr. Daya Prakash, Kavita speaks about the future of DevOps. Also, Daya Prakash is the Associate Editor at TheTechPod and Founder, TalentOnLease. Let’s hear the complete podcast and understand – “DevOps as a domain is booming – Kavita Viswanath.”



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