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Altimetrik is a business and IT transformation accelerator. They partner with Fortune 500 companies to deliver fast, meaningful outcomes. As practitioners of end-to-end business and technology transformation, Altimetrik delivers measurable results for clients across financial services, payments, retail, automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, and other industries. Founded in 2012, they have offices and development centers across the globe and over 2,500 energized employees.

Raj Sundaresan is the CEO of Altimetrik. In an interaction with The Tech Pod, Raj speaks about the future of technology in shaping the business landscape. Read more!

Tell us something about yourself and what does your company do?

I joined Altimetrik in 2017 as the Chief Operating Officer and was appointed the Chief Executive Officer in July of this year. Having started my career as a software engineer back in the 90s, I went on to set up several product development teams for PayPal in the US, India, and Singapore. I have also led teams at Visa to develop and roll-out Digital, Mobile, and Merchant Gateway products. 

Having played strategic roles that are at the cusp of business and technology, I was intrigued by the vision that Altimetrik promoted by our Founder, Raj Vattikuti. Recognizing the role of technology in shaping the future, Altimetrik was posited to create a new approach in the way IT interacts with business. Moving away from the legacy of SLA-based, silo-ed, outsourcing models to a more collaborative partnership that is outcome-driven and and agile. Altimetrik changes the dynamics between technology and business in helping them accelerate their digital transformation. 

The market has been very responsive to our approach and we have been growing at a rapid pace, working with some of the world’s most prominent brands to deliver meaningful results through technology, data, and talent. Today, our mission is to debunk the myths that digital transformation is expensive and complicated. We help our clients get unstuck and kick-start transformational initiatives that are sustainable, delivering regular outcomes. We follow an incremental approach that ensures results in weeks not months without disruption or downtime to our clients or their customers. Achieving long term goals and benefits of modernization such as DevOps, Cloud, Security, Data & Analytics, Product Engineering, etc. are the levers to deliver transformation.  

In your opinion how is technology helping us with the COVID-19 crisis?

Without doubt, technology has been a driving force that is helping us navigate through these unprecedented times. In 1920, during the Spanish Flu pandemic, the world came to a standstill. Today, across many industries, technology has filled a void that has enabled us to continue to conduct business that would have been impossible years ago. We are seeing our clients prioritize and are moving fast to digitalize their business through various initiatives, which plays well for us as a digital transformation accelerator. Using technology to digitize operations to drive efficiencies is the foundation for a sustainable and improved model. For firms that have adopted digital models they are not just surviving, they are growing and delighting their clients. Be it in retail, healthcare, education, entertainment, banking, payments those companies that focus on digital transformation will come out of the pandemic better position for growth and improved revenue.  

How is technology transforming the entire business landscape?

Technology is the driving force across all industries. It is impacting every aspect of a company’s business model across product delivery, operations, customer experience, and employee empowerment. Fuelled by the impact of COVID-19 digital is no longer a choice, it has become a necessity for survival. This can only be achieved through the use of technology.

Let’s take the example of the payments industry. Digital payment players have experienced a huge uptick in business during the pandemic. With people being locked down and social distancing, cash or card payments are being displaced by contactless payment options. What was until recently another form of payment it is now the preferred way to transact. We are seeing a huge spike in payment gateways, IMPS, and digital wallets. 

Similar trends are being observed in the retail, food, healthcare and even the auto industries. Another important aspect that is impacting businesses is data. The rise of data technologies is pushing businesses to understand the consumer better, make informed decisions, and identify efficiencies through advanced analytics. Managing the proliferation of data across all touch points has been unwieldy, the good news is that the tools to ingest data, create a central repository, and use predictive models has helped companies manage their data to make better decisions.

Technology is enabling every function in the business to collaborate and be more efficient, including HR, marketing, sales, product, and engineering functions. Today there is a plethora of cloud-based tools for every function, at least 50 apps can meet any business need, and almost everything is just a few clicks away. 

What could be according to you a simple explanation to IoT?

Mobility connected people, IoT connects things. It is a highly promising technology, if deployed extensively and judiciously by different sectors. IoT has proven to be extremely beneficial to industries such as manufacturing, automotive, healthcare, and other heavy industries. IoT is also helping us build smart cities that are leading to reducing waste and costs and improving the overall quality of life. 

How is big data and IoT evolving together?

IoT is making Big Data get bigger. Edge computing is generating gigabytes and terabytes of consumer data every day. However, most of this data is unstructured. In fact, 80% of data today is still dark data. But data technologies are also evolving. They are getting more intelligent and capable of handling all the 4 V’s of Big Data. Altimetrik has a dedicated team for Data Engineering and Advanced Analytics that is working on solving various problems and gaps that are existing in the market today. Data generated from IoT if engineered and analyzed can generate vital insights for businesses and for governments at a larger scale. 



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