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Covid is almost half – gone, and India is looking upwards in every sense possible. A lot has changed last year, and things will be evolving this year too. Specially, with the technology hiring which was dismissal in 2020. However, we are hoping that in 2021 the technology hiring is back to pre-covid days. However, the covid has definitely left its permanent mark on the technology recruitment trends. Recruitment of candidates is largely happening on skills. Lot of technology from artificial intelligence, chatbots, conversational resumes, competitive coding & assessments and use of gamification in hiring are some of the new trends of recruitment that have emerged. Let’s watch the interaction and understand in detail “How to Land Your Dream Tech Job? – Rajeev Saraf”

About the speaker

Dr. Rajeev Saraf is the founder and CEO of Lepton Software. A leading location analytics & intelligence solutions company and India’s largest Google Maps premier partners.

Rajeev is a life-long technologist and entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in location intelligence for the Telecom sector and various other industries. His prior experience working as a Doctoral student in the transportation engineering space piqued his interest in networks, maps, and GIS. Also, he was fascinated by location data’s power and its impactful insights that led him to start Lepton Software. After donning multiple hats since the inception of Lepton, Rajeev today leads business strategy, marketing, and new product innovation at Lepton.

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About the company

Lepton Software, established 25 years ago, is a leading provider in the location intelligence and analytics space, globally. Also, Lepton is the oldest & largest Google Maps partner in India with operations in USA, Middle East & Singapore. We have been working with Google for over 10 years. We have supported 500+ companies in their growth journey since its inception.

Lepton is a leader in fibre planning and inventory solution, Network Access. And it caters to major telecom, broadband & ISPs in India. Lepton’s SmartMarket, one of its latest offering is a Map-centric BI platform to facilitate decision making for business expansion and optimization.

To discuss the future of technology hiring, TheTechPod invited Dr. Rajeev Saraf, CEO – Lepton Software to interact with Mr. Daya Prakash – Consulting Editor, TheTechPod and Founder & CEO – TalentOnLease to talk about technology hiring`s role in a post pandemic world. Also, to tell us about “How to land your dream Tech Job?” Watch Now.



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