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Repos Energy is a startup owned by a Pune-based young couple which is changing the game of diesel distribution in India by creating an ecosystem of not just IoT but manufacturing of mobile petrol pumps and a lot more. From a homegrown petrol pump business in Chakan, Pune, to form a dynamic energy grid. This young couple is setting up a whole ecosystem to provide cost-effective solutions for India‚Äôs ever-growing need for energy logistics – Starting with diesel, through mobile petrol pumps. 

Four years ago, Aditi Bhosale Walunj and Chetan Walunj set on a mission to take their family business of a petrol pump, to a newer and much larger dimension. Fueling large scale industries was something that they were catering to on an everyday basis. But after noticing a massive amount of energy loss due to fuel theft and spillage – the duo decided it was time this issue was addressed. They saw a great opportunity to overcome these challenges by offering a door-to-door service of diesel to not just their existing end users – but to the entire nation. But to offer this kind of service on a large scale, they had to face multiple roadblocks – the know-how, infrastructure, and most importantly – government approvals around fuel distribution. 

In an interaction with The Tech Pod, Chetan speaks about the role of AI in revolutionizing the energy industry. Read more!

Tell us something about yourself and what does your company does?

Repos Energy was founded 4 years ago by Chetan Walunj and Aditi Bhosale Walunj. Repos Energy is a one-of-its-kind startup for door-to-door delivery of high-speed diesel. The startup is backed by Ratan Tata and is operational in over 130 cities in India. Besides, they are also the largest manufacturers of mobile petrol pumps in India. They are headquartered in Pune.

How can Big Data be the tool for achieving energy efficiency goals?

The fuel distribution business is entirely dependent on data capturing. But unfortunately, it’s missing in most of the cases as there is no proper mapping. Big Data as a tool can help in achieving goals in many ways. There is so much fuel that goes waste due to pilferage and dead mileage. An average Indian farmer travels 25 km to get diesel, as there are no petrol pumps easily available in rural areas. If we have the right data of those farmers, we can fulfill their requirement, without them having to spend time, energy, and more fuel in traveling. This will in return, help reduce carbon emission and the market will also improve.

How AI will revolutionize the energy industry?

Artificial Intelligence can solve many problems of demand and supply within our industry. It can tell at any given time, who needs how much fuel, whether one must go to a depot to collect fuel, or should they directly reach a petrol pump station. And then, how much amount of fuel should one be buying. With the fluctuating fuel prices, AI can be of immense help in planning. To put it simply, technology with the help of AI can improve efficiency in terms of cost, efficiency, and environment.

How important are AI-based technologies in the 21st century?

If machines are smarter than the human mind, then we must invest in building smarter technologies. Everything is data-driven and every successful business thrives on AI.



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