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The Tech Pod, IncubateInd, E-4, Sector 3, Third floor, Noida, 201301

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Anil Pinapala is the Founder & CEO of Vivifi Technologies. He is a FinTech entrepreneur with an experience of over 18 years in the Micro Loans/Digital Lending Industry. For the last couple of years, he has been working on expanding Credit Access in India with Vivifi. Anil’s continuing vision has now enhanced the underlying Line of Credit. By adding a payment layer to provide customers who never had credit with a true (Digital) Credit Card experience. During an interaction with TheTechPod – “India offers an excellent tech ecosystem on which lot of Fintech solutions can be built”, says Anil Pinapala.

Prior to this venture, Anil founded and led TekFriday. A FinTech firm in Miami with an office in Hyderabad, that specialized in Lending Portfolio Management in digital sub-prime lending in USA. Tekfriday was eventually acquired by a Nashville-based Digital Lending company – Advance Financial.

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About the company

Vivifi is an RBI-certified non-banking finance company (NBFC). Enabling easier and more direct access to credit for the underserved communities in India. It offers sachet sized loans to customers who have the ability and intent to repay. Based on the loan repayments of these customers, the company then increases their credit limit to help them improve their credit score. And, eventually get access to larger loans.

Vivifi commenced its journey with its flagship lending product FlexSalary – India’s first Personal Emergency Line of Credit. The company is now layering payments on the UPI back-bone to provide a digital credit card experience for the underserved through FlexPay.

In an interaction with Rohit Sardana, Anil Pinapala speaks about the future of fintech in India. Also, Rohit Sardana is the Editor-in-Chief at TheTechPod and Co-founder of IncubateIND. Let’s hear the complete podcast. Also, understand – “India offers an excellent tech ecosystem on which lot of Fintech solutions can be built – Anil Pinapala”.



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