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Myelin Foundry is a deep tech product start-up that transforms human experiences and industry outcomes by building Artificial Intelligence algorithms on video, voice, and sensor data, for edge devices. Myelin’s platform can enable to transform your entire content library upto 8K, enhancing video quality of classic content, and making it ready for the OTT generation. Myelin’s solution sits on the user’s device and provides crucial insights on the context of the user, so one can personalise the right ads for the right time. Myelin Foundry is a part of NetApp Excellerator Cohort 6.

Aditi Olemann is the Co-Founder & Head of Marketing, Myelin Foundry. In an interaction with The Tech Pod, Aditi  talks about how technology plays a crucial role in everything. Read more!

Tell us something about yourself and what does your company do?

Myelin Foundry was founded by Gopichand Katragadda, Aditi Olemann & Ganesh Suryanarayan who met while working at the Tata Group. Myelin Foundry came into inception when we decided to start a deep tech company out of India, building products for the world. We understood the potential of AI in video, voice, and sensor data in consumer edge devices like mobile phones. We are a deep tech product startup that use AI to transform human experiences.

How can IT offerings and services empower a company to innovate and accelerate its strategies?

With the technological advancements in the past decade, digital transformation has been key to businesses worldwide. But recent events have proven to be a catalyst, forcing several organizations to take up the mantle faster. The IT services sector has been undergoing its own transformation for the past few years and providers have moved to “As-a-Service” model for software, infrastructure, and execution. With technology changing constantly, traditional IT services are now transforming from plain technology to innovation, leading to the rise of innovation as a service. According to a study by PA Consulting Group, two-thirds of organizations feel innovation is crucial for survival. As products and services become more specialized, there will be a greater need for speed, talent, and collaborative innovation.

How much of a role technology plays in your business?

Technology plays a crucial role in everything we do. Artificial intelligence is the foundation of our work, where we hope to democratize it with ultra-low latency, unparalleled security, and super-efficient bandwidth usage. We cater to three sectors – media and entertainment, healthcare, and industrial applications. By using AI we hope to transform user engagement and watching behavior by disrupting video streaming cost. In healthcare, we enhance quality of life using next generation noninvasive indicators of preventive healthcare. We also deliver instantaneous responses for industrial processes through edge AI. Therefore, technology is the bedrock of our business and we hope to transform experiences and industry outcomes through relentless innovation.

How does cloud-computing contribute to enhancing cloud services?

Cloud computing enables IT services to be available over the internet with pay based on the usage. The services can be multifold like storage, servers, virtual desktops to applications and development platforms. Cloud computing is beneficial because it can deliver services in a short span of time while lowering the costs significantly. It enables organizations to become more efficient and agile.

How important is IoT for your services?

With our specialization and focus towards Edge AI, IoT is a significant part of industrial automation and intelligent devices. With the help of AI, connected devices can have the ability to analyze, make decisions and act on available data with minimal human intervention.

We are currently evaluating several use cases where AI can play a big role in the industrial & business process decision chain, i.e. computer vision in fault detection, improving digital traffic flow, surveillance and monitoring, fleet management and autonomous driving, among others.

How can you transform viewer Experience on OTT using Artificial Intelligence?

One of the key factors for the success of OTT platforms is the kind of user experience they offer. We know that AI helps provide recommendations based on the user’s watch history as well as data from peer groups. We have taken AI a step further to enhance experience. Our product, Fovea Stream enables OTT players to send low resolution videos to the end user without compromising on their HD viewing experience. This is done by using AI at the edge, by enhancing low-resolution video data to be viewed as HD video on smart phones and up to 4k/8k on televisions. Therefore, using AI we can provide near zero re-buffer ultra HD viewing experience on edge devices, independent of the source content’s quality and network bandwidth limitations. This helps to bridge the gap between what a device can offer and what the media entertainment player is able to provide from a network standpoint. 



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