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The Tech Pod, IncubateInd, E-4, Sector 3, Third floor, Noida, 201301

KubeSafe builds software that provides application-centric backup, recovery, cloning, and migration for Kubernetes. KubeSafe software creates recovery points with the images, configuration, and persistent data needed to return applications to their state at a particular point in time. You can use recovery points to move applications to different clusters or different clouds, and to run analytics or tests against copies of your production data. KubeSafe is a part of NetApp Excellerator Cohort 6.

Vijay Krishna Shetty is the Co-Founder & Head of Engineering, Kubesafe. In an interaction with The Tech Pod, Vijaytalks about a newly adapted compute platform. Read more!

Tell us something about yourself and what does your company do?

Kubesafe was founded by Swamy Ramany and Vijaykrishna Shetty, a veteran team of storage experts, to couple new application paradigm with the capabilities already built into modern storage platforms. It is based in San Jose, California with an additional development center in Bangalore, India. Kubesafe backs up and recovers container-based applications, automates application recovery point objectives (RPOs) with policies and leverages storage platform capabilities to both backup only and data that has changed and replicate the data to other locations as needed. It runs on all distributions of Kubernetes, the leading container orchestration platform and with all major storage infrastructure.

How do you reach out to your clients?

  • Direct Sales
  • Channel partners
  • Storage vendor partnership
  • Kubernetes distributor partnership
  • Data protection solution providers
  • System integrator partnership
  • Resellers

Technology can revolutionize the way we learn any skill. How?

Kubernetes is a newly adapted compute platform with significant benefits compared to the virtual machine-based computing. However, the ecosystem for Kubernetes is still evolving, thus making it one of the difficult platforms to adapt to. Generally it needs IT skills that has deeper knowledge in Kubernetes to reap the right benefits. Often these skills are challenging to find in the market. However, Kubesafe is built to be operated by IT generalist and one needs to have a minimalist knowledge of Kubernetes to operate.



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