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Testpitara is an innovative leader in e-Learning, online training and knowledge management platform. It is a great platform for someone who wants to share their knowledge with the right set of audience. It allows anyone to share their knowledge, ideas and also learn from other’s knowledge and experience to improve their competency and skills about global subjects through online training courses. Testpitara is an open education platform for online courses and aptitude tests. The platform has been founded by Prashant Singh and Devendra Dang who come with 14 plus years of experience in Global Business and 16 plus years of experience in Finance & Law respectively.

Prashant Singh is the Founder and Chief Executive Worker of Testpitara. In an interaction with The Tech Pod, Prashant speaks about the future of AI in the education industry. Read more!

Tell us something about yourself and what does your company do?

Myself, Prashant Singh, a Serial Entrepreneur with having enterprises in diversified domains like Energy Management, Knowledge Management, Animation VFX with a cumulative experience of 13+ years in industry.  Alongside the enterprises also worked in the French Public Sector (ARD)in Paris for the Global IT inward investment.

Academically a Computer Science Engineer (Bachelors of Technology) From MIT and Master of Science M.S. from EPITA a well-known Grande école in Paris.

One of Our company TESTPITARA.COM, co-Founded By Mr Devendra Dang, is India’s First Knowledge Management App which provides two distinctive models: –

1) Content plugged with Technology (The Leading Ed-tech companies doing the same)

2) Only Technology Platform as a Suite for any customized content to assimilate on it (Exclusive Offering)

Target Audience for them starts at the age of 

6 yrs to 40 yrs since their offerings ranges from K-12, Under Grad, Post Grad, Language & Corporate courses.

In Nut Shell TESTPITARA platform offers





Is digitization the next step in the education sector after the COVID-19 pandemic?

The initiation of technology within the education sector has already begun since more than a decade and half to the capacity of providing hardware infrastructure to learning. This hardware led model initiated the revolution of education technology but scaling this up was a big task then as well as now. Hence the digital education over the cloud-based applications was the perfect solution to this problem. Learning anytime anywhere is the solution for the fast and ever evolving global education practices.  Especially something like current scenario when the Pandemic hit the world where people weren’t stepping out of their homes, Learning was literally on hold. Institutions were eventually forced to accept technology as a part of their mainframe learning which initially, they were reluctant to do over the years.  Digitization takes care of lowering the operating costs of running the institute, reducing huge investment in the physical infra, many repetitive tasks are being done seamlessly correct, most importantly the learning of students happens sitting at their location. The basic idea is for institute reaching the students just with a simple investment of a smart phone and internet.

What’s your take on the evolution of AI-based technology?

Artificial Intelligence is something which is still in its early days of its existence. Although, there is a great sense of insecurity in people who are in development of systems as the word AI gives them the impression of been replaced by machines. The basic idea of Artificial intelligence is to keep doing the repetitive tasks on continuous and efficient basis that also means that it doesn’t have any intelligence of its own. Learning is always a process of dynamic understanding of concepts. Therefore, in the case of AI the output is well defined only and only if the input is being stated in the exact format of its input which is limited effectiveness in case of any learning system. Hence the evolution of Artificial Intelligence is good provided the learning is very much structured and repetitive.

How’s the current pandemic affecting the global market?

The idea of business has always been networking and networking majorly happened in person. Since the pandemic the physical meetings has been replaced by this video conferencing & remote access. Therefore, the core businesses have been really going through a stick. There is a downfall in major domains like manufacturing, trading, real estate, travel tourism etc. which are very physical labor oriented. The downhill of these industries have a snow ball effect when it comes to the people and other companies associated with the same. So overall economy and transactions have slowed down and the comprehensive liquidity has weakened.

What is the future of education in India in the post-COVID-19?

The Indian education system has always been a huge domain of people centric involvement. Right from Parents, Teachers, Students too much of engagement happens at every level. The education in India was always a traditional methodology Teaching with the Eye Contact. But this also meant with lack of technology there were limitations in terms of multiple examinations under Practice Test module, No Re-usable Content Bank, Screening & Progress Monitoring of each student and many such important tasks were not possible. With the next gen education now in India post covid there will be a paradigm shift in usage of technology which would be a good blend of Online & Offline Learning Methods. There will be a certain part of learning happening in Class while tasks like Tests, Progress Monitoring and a great deal of reusable data bank will happen with Online tools. This will be the best combination for Indian Learning system especially after the NEP National Education Policy Reforms this Hybrid Mix of Schools & Universities will be the future.



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