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POKKT is a leading mobile video advertising platform in India, South East Asia & MENA with a strong focus on rewarded Video Ads within Mobile Games. POKKT is integrated with over 300 Top Games and App Developers in India, MENA and South East Asia. By Integrating POKKT SDK, Developers in the region can monetize their non-paying users and maximize eCPMs through highly-targeted brand video Ads within their Apps. POKKT has a reach of over 100 million unique users in the region. POKKT’s key offerings for brand advertisers include highly effective targeting, opt-in native video Ads, completed views and exclusive Games inventory in India & SEA. POKKT works with all the leading global brands, bringing to its audiences, exciting brand videos & TVCs in surreal quality & tailor-made interactive end-cards.

Vaibhav Odhekar is the COO & Co-founder of POKKT. In an interaction with The Tech Pod, Vaibhav talks about rapid growth in technology. Read more!  

Please elaborate on DSP (A demand-side platform model)?

 A demand-side platform is a software used by advertisers to buy mobile ads from a marketplace on which publishers list it’s advertising inventory. These platforms allow for the management of advertising across many real-time bidding exchanges, as opposed to just one, like Google Ads. Together with supply-side platforms, DSPs enable programmatic advertising.

How does POKKT ensure the prevention of Ad frauds?

We take Brand Safety and IVT concerns very strongly:

1. We are 100% Mobile In-App and all the apps are either from Google Play store or Apple Store. So the entire inventory is coming from recognized apps following Google or Apple policy.

2. Our inventory is gaming apps. There is no UGC (content) in gaming apps, thus eliminating the requirement of live monitoring app content. 

3. We use MRC certified vendors for pre-screening 100% of our inventory.

4. All though we have our machine-learning automation scans, we believe humans are much better in making complex judgements. We have employed a human verification team as well to audit our publisher supply as the second level of vetting. 

How mobile marketing has been evolving with the adoption of technology?

Covid – 19 pandemic has impacted all sectors; including mobile marketing and advertising.

The companies had reduced their marketing spend, now the situation stabilized. Market has already started growing and we are seeing rapid growth in digital from some of the advertisers. With further adaptation, there will be exponential growth. However, going forward, the shift of advertising budget from traditional marketing like print, will shift  to digital and mobile marketing, would witness a spike with END USER being indoors, and preferring to consume content primarily on their mobile phones or TV and social distancing, WFH possibly becoming the new normal.

What are the recent trends in gamified mobile ads amidst Covid-19? 

There has been increased traction in gamified mobile ads as most of the population spend their time on games. Due to which, the partnership between advertisers and video game companies are growing significantly. The pandemic is bringing a new phase in the gamified mobile ads sector which is predicted to stay even after the post-pandemic period. Monetary gains is another trend among gaming mobile ads; gamers, developers and publishers are allowing users to raise money on the platform for Covid-19. 

What are the latest innovations/strides being made in the in-app advertising segment?

Rapid growth in inventory and increased budgets towards digital are making us invest a lot behind technology. ML tools are being developed to manage quality at scale. We are also working towards a couple of new products in the in-game native advertising space and providing programmatic support there. Gaming influencer space is also rapidly developing and we plan to bring some new offerings pretty soon.



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