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The coming decade, one of the biggest trends that will dominate the technology world would be the serverless cloud. Its gaining popularity by the day. With more technology leaders exploring and migrating to the new way of running the businesses. Serverless would make it super easy for businesses to manage their cloud costs. And, pay as you use would help them utilize the money in doing more things than one. Let’s understand in detail – “Serverless: An exciting space for engineers to play in.”

In order to discuss the future of Serverless Cloud, IncubateIND is organizing leadership conversations in partnership with Nimbella. And are extensively talking to technology leaders to understand their views on what they think of serverless cloud in the future.

About the speaker

Girish Vengassery is the Senior Engineering Manager at HERE Technologies. A lifetime student of science, and a technology enthusiast, with more than 20 years of experience in information and cloud technology space. Girish has been part of developing software systems that helps to build and maintain digital maps, both standard definition maps used in day to day life as well as high definition maps used in autonomous vehicles.

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About the company

With 35 years of experience in mapmaking and 8,000 employees across 56 countries, Here Technologies is the world’s leading location data and technology company. It serves multiple industries, and their global ecosystem of customers, partners and developers, includes some of the biggest and best-known brands.

The platform serves more than 3 million developers, either directly or through their partner ecosystem. Their map data is in over 150 million cars, and they process 8 billion real-time probe data points per day.

In an interaction with Ms. Anshu Agarwal, Girish Vengassery speaks about the future of cloud infrastructure in India. Also, Anshu Agarwal is the CEO and Cofounder of Nimbella, a serverless cloud provider. She has over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. Building and evangelizing products that have solved real-world problems for organizations large and small across the globe. Let’s watch the complete interview and understand – “Serverless: An exciting space for engineers to play in.”



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