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The coming decade, one of the biggest trends that will dominate the technology world would be the serverless cloud. Its gaining popularity by the day with more technology leaders exploring and migrating to the new way of running the businesses. Serverless would make it super easy for businesses to manage their cloud costs and pay as you use would help them utilize the money in doing more things than one. Let’s understand in detail – “Serverless in Digital Landscape – An Overview.”

In order to discuss the future of Serverless Cloud, IncubateIND is organizing leadership conversations in partnership with Nimbella and are extensively talking to technology leaders to understand their views on what they think of serverless cloud in the future.

About the speaker

Nayan Naidu is the India Head of DevOps & Cloud Engineering Capability Center at Altimetrik. He is a Seasoned Techno-Management Professional helping organizations in Business Transformation. Also, he is experienced in building CoEs and Capability Centers and has worked in various domains like Storage technologies, Cloud-based SaaS Products, Process Instrumentation, Medical Electronics, Engineering Technology Services, Media Practise, Energy & Utilities, Management Services, and Managed Printing Services.

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About the company

Altimetrik is a business and IT transformation accelerator. They partner with Fortune 500 companies to deliver fast, meaningful outcomes. So, as practitioners of end-to-end business and technology transformation, Altimetrik delivers measurable results for clients across financial services, payments, retail, automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, and other industries. Founded in 2012, they have offices and development centers across the globe and over 2,500 energized employees.

In an interaction with Ms. Anshu Agarwal, Nayan Naidu speaks about the future of cloud infrastructure in India. Also, Anshu Agarwal is the CEO and Cofounder of Nimbella, a serverless cloud provider. She has over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. Building and evangelizing products that have solved real-world problems for organizations large and small across the globe. Let’s hear the complete interview and understand – “Serverless in Digital Landscape – An Overview.”



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