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Snug is an app to book talented people for a coffee, just like you book a ride. Our business plan is to disrupt social networks and bring people networking back to what it should be in the first place – one on one. 
Snug is live globally and people are booking talents from all walks of life for a coffee or a video call (they see a short video of the talent to make a booking decision). It’s becoming a new lifestyle for people. Just like they try diverse food in a week, now they are meeting diverse talents and broadening their perspective.

Jayashree Nayak is the co-founder of Snug. In an interaction with The Tech Pod, Jayashree speaks about the role of technology in connecting people. Read on!

Tell us something about yourself and what does your company do?

I believe that technology always creates a level playing field for humanity, an unknown youngster from a back alley of a small country can become the greatest hacker or make a simple app which can be used by millions of users from around the world. Technology does not differentiate. You can come from a small town university and be equal to a bunch of high heeled top schooled people in terms of your work.

Rajesh, Manish and myself are cofounders of Snug. As an individual, I am not a hustler. However I like to meet diverse people and chat with them. So here is the paradox, you like people but you are not an extrovert or a very outgoing person. So how do you meet more people? How can you meet them one-on-one? This question bothered us and we decided to make Snug. We made meeting people as easy as booking a ride. Just open our app and book any person you find interesting for a coffee, at a cafe near you. Just like you book a ride. Snug was born.

We have hit upon a $75B opportunity of disrupting social media platforms. The future of social media platforms is not going to be one to many followers but one to one enriching meetings – closer to your fellow human beings one at a time.

10% of every Starbucks or any other café meeting globally or any video meetings that happen globally, will be routed through Snug. That’s where I see Snug in the next 5 years.

According to you how tough is it to shift during COVID-19?

We added the video meeting option. Pre COVID19 we were focused only on the real life meetings. Owing to lockdown and social distancing, real life meetings were obviously not possible.

Video meetings have simply accelerated our global ambitions. Video meetings are already launched and we are taking the app global in the coming days. We have got strong interests from both the talents and users from Singapore, London, and Southern California.

What benefits do you provide to your customers?

We all like to meet people who inspire us with their talent. When we meet them one-on-one, they enrich our life by sharing their stories and their insights.

We believe that every human being, including commoners, should be empowered to meet any talent anytime they want. This privilege shouldn’t be restricted to a selected few only.

Alternatively there are many talented people out there who don’t pursue their talents as it doesn’t pay their bills. This is specially more true with creative talents – actors, musicians, writers, painters, dancers, storytellers, and of course sportspeople .

What if there was a place where they could ensure to earn as much just by simply pursuing their talents? Hence we created the Snug App.

Snug helps you “book” talented people in your vicinity or globally anywhere, over a coffee or a video call. You can book any talented person’s one hour of time for a conversation over a coffee or a video call by paying their fee. You can pick their brain, they will share their insights and perspectives with you in that meeting. This enriches both the talent as well as the user. This is a platform where people participate as equals, and don’t end up being just followers of talents.Book your local talents for a coffee and book any talent in the world for a video call. You can search for the talents you want to meet.

We show you each talent’s video pitch of one minute where they talk about their talent, their brief bio and the fee they will charge you for meeting over a coffee or a video call.

You pay the fee and the meeting is scheduled. You can also discover the trending global talents.

How is technology helping to accelerate businesses?

Pandemic literally opened the world for us. It forced us to add video meetings and that opened a world of opportunity. On the investment front, the moment we enabled video meetings, we got more interests from VCs, even people who were not too excited earlier with Snug. Snug was always a lean team so not much impact at the team level.

This pandemic has helped us to look inward. COVID19 helped us to strengthen the product and get ready for the global audience. As everyone is at home, with equal uncertainty, whether you are a billion dollar business or a startup, we all are in the same boat. This gave us a chance to see how these people are reacting and seeing some of their reaction, it boosted our confidence.



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