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The Tech Pod, IncubateInd, E-4, Sector 3, Third floor, Noida, 201301

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Maaz Ansari is the CEO and Co-founder of ORI and leads the business and strategy at ORI. Before co-founding ORI he has helmed Equity research for a boutique advisory brokerage firm and led pre-sales for applied data science products at Fractal Analytics. He has also worked with 3 other start-ups in various capacities. During an interaction with TheTechPod – “The future is not chatbots but intelligence”, says Maaz Ansari.

Maaz is a dedicated serial entrepreneur focused on business solutions, client success, and product refinement. He started at Fractal Analytics and went on to start-up with Anurag in the space of Deep Learning, IoT, and Web SaaS. 1 exit, 1 closure. Maaz is an engineer from Bombay University.

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About the company

ORI is an end-to-end provider of conversational AI-powered chatbots, helping the different verticals of the industry by making chatbots for giants like Vodafone, Idea, Tata Motors, DishTV, Supreme Golf with the sole intention of helping them to make the customer experience count. ORISERVE is a start-up that makes multilingual conversational chatbots. Covid19 has completely changed the working model of the businesses, now people can only connect virtually for sales and customer support which is the key for growth in business as it develops user’s trust toward the brand. Ori’s platform uses real-time insights and cues to help users improve their experience across calls, Emails, Conversations Over Chat.

ORI aims to revolutionize brand-customer engagements via futuristic cognitive bots offering text and speech-based services in a plethora of languages. The platform enables brands to address communication challenges that have been plaguing traditional contact centers such as high TAT, queuing, non-uniform experience, high infrastructure costs, etc. amongst others. NLP further allows interactions led by ORI bots to truly mimic human interactions. Omnichannel deployment empowers the brands to seamlessly communicate with consumers in their preferred language for marketing and sales purposes.

In an interaction with Mr. Rohit Sardana, Maaz Ansari speaks about the future of chatbots in India. Also, Rohit Sardana is Editor in Chief at TheTechPod and Co-Founder of IncubateIND. Let’s hear the complete podcast and understand what he means – “The future is not chatbots but intelligence – Maaz Ansari.”



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