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ADDA is the only comprehensive solution which has the capability to successfully fulfill requirements like facilitating communication between owners, tenants and association members and Facility Management solution for managing the property. The startup also has a Billing and Accounting Solution to help the management committee send bills, collect maintenance dues online and Security Management System to stop unauthorized visitors from entering, notify Residents for visitor entry, etc.
Today ADDA is one of the largest neighborhood network globally with 13,00,000+ verified users across 80 cities. The premium accounting, management & security package is used for smooth running of 2,500+ gated communities powering 20 lakh forum discussions, 10 lakh maintenance request tickets. 

 Sangeeta (San) Banerjee is the Co-Founder & CEO of ADDA. In an interaction with The Tech Pod, Sangeeta talks about faraway dream in AI. Read more! 

Tell us something about yourself and what does your company do?

I am San Banerjee, CEO and Co-Founder of ADDA – The Apartment SuperApp. ADDA is an apartment or society management app that is designed to take care of everything a resident may think of – communicating with neighbours, staying updated with Association/RWA notices, paying maintenance, visitor/domestic staff management, parcel management, connecting to Building Management for repairs and maintenance, facility booking, booking essential/non-essential/handyman services at home and even emergency management with Panic Alert.

How ADDA is helping the users and ensuring safety in the gated community?

ADDA has been helping residents and Associations/RWAs by providing the support to automate and digitise community management. While residents can manage their community living with a plethora of features available in the ADDA App, in the backend the Association/Management Committee/RWAs get an easy to use yet robust ERP module to help automate maintenance workflow, auditor approved automatic accounting systems, live reports of expenses and savings, visitor management. Apart from getting communication online, ADDA revamped Discover feature’s position as a community marketplace for essential/non essential services. This has helped to bring the Stores to Doors for residents thereby making it easier for them to stay in. Panic alert, emergency contacts, as part of emergency management offered by ADDA, is another way the Association can ensure residents are always prepared in the face of mishaps. Besides, the security module of the App bars entry to unapproved visitors and guests into the community. The several technological integrations the app has made with hardware security devices, helps to ensure all rounded effective community security.

What are the challenges you see in your growth during this pandemic?

Honestly, the pandemic has only furthered the cause and scope of automation and digitisation of community management. With social distancing and promotion of contactless activities, ADDA now occupies a unique position where it already has the infrastructure to automate the smooth operation of a community, bringing in revenue collections easily and to provide a platform for all official communication that is guaranteed to reach every resident of the community.

Can you please brief us about your products such as ADDA ERP, ADDA Gatekeeper, and ADDA Discover?

ADDA ERP comes with a comprehensive, auditor approved, well researched Accounting module customised to suit apartment complex or housing society accounting. This module cuts down the risk of errors in accounting to practically zero and saves Associations quite a bulk of money in taxes as well as penalty fees. It is also designed to reduce defaulter rates and increase revenue for a community. Apart from this, the ERP module also contributes to automating workflow of Building Management. ADDA GateKeeper is the security management solution of ADDA. It aids in visitor management, parcel management, staff management, finding domestic staff and even resident emergency management. ADDA Discover is an eating feature of the ADDA App. It has evolved quickly to become a complete marketplace of all varieties of home services – groceries, elder care, medicines, diagnostic tests, vehicle servicing, pest control, laundry, deep cleaning, moving in or out and so many more. It is also a platform that offers buy/sell/rent offers from verified genuine users.

What according to you is the future of AI?

The future of AI is a lot dependent on how we innovate and better our existing technology. AI is becoming a part of our daily interaction with technology, slowly but surely. However, to reach the peak of AI, where it responds to an unknown situation and not just a pre configured one is still a faraway dream in this field.



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