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Superfan.AI is considered to be one of the pioneers and flag bearers of Augmented Reality from India. The company has been founded purely by innovation of AR solutions for every single Bollywood and Hollywood studio in India. Superfan has grown from 3 employees to over 18 employees primarily by focusing on answers to the famous “What’s new” segment and have made sure that Bollywood is known for their innovations in AR.

Snehaal Dhruv is the Founder of Superfan.AI. In an interaction with The Tech Pod, Snehaal speaks about the future of machine learning. Read more!

Tell us something about yourself and what does Superfan.Ai do?

Speaking as the CEO of Superfan.Ai, I’ve had my fair share of knowledge about AI, AR and Chatbots which I continue to integrate and upgrade perpetually. If not a pulpit orator then of course, a seasonal speaker on the various aspects and intricacies of these innovative technologies. WE are the existing official partner of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat among others and envision Superfan attaining stellar heights, realising the best of its abilities.

Superfan.Ai is a veritable haven for AR needs which we have been answering by instilling AR functions across platforms like iOS, Android, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, etc. The idea of going way ahead of the normative curve is withheld by a diligent team who strives to evoke their skills to every possible, and even unforeseen impediment. We consider our marketing strategies to be avant-garde, our goals lucid and definitely, our expertise constantly on the guard to extend the best AR experience to customers.

What does the future of the IT industry look like with AR/VR technology?

Pretty promising, to be precise. Even from this standpoint, where SARS-CoV-2 has disturbed our already frantic world to a level of chaos, I’d say that AR/VR are here to stay. Where the present form of reality is actually abominable to all, the virtual space can provide some respite from all the morbidity and AR can transport one to a realm of alternate reality in a digital sphere. These creations are attributed to the IT industry where enormous potential has been recognized. Say for example, the democratization of AR app toolkits by Apple and Google has helped most ARCore-compatible Android phone crest bearers to see an exponential growth in retail. Similar strain of success can be seen in shopping trends using AR tech and the prototypes and application of smart glasses, AR and VR headsets. Although they are on the nascent stage of development, they have seeped in medical and military enterprises, like Microsoft’s hefty deal with the US military. Obvious and worth mentioning is the snowballing of Artificial Intelligence, which aspires to take data science and Machine Learning to the next level so as to give the IT hub a massive impetus.

In what way can your customers have one-on-one conversations using your AI?

Let’s explain this with an example where we worked with KKR. Whenever in a conversation a user mentioned the name of a player, thanks to the wonder of our AI system, the answers came back as if the player himself was responding. That would excite the user, and they would keep chatting with our AI.

What is the scope of AI in the 21st century?

It is commonplace knowledge that AI has pervaded all forms of communication, be it marketing or popular culture. Admittedly, we are no closer to creating Iron Man’s AI butler then finding interplanetary neighbours. Nevertheless, AI has unfurled the best of the digital world. Say, the Zora Robot. “The Zora Solution is designed and developed as an intelligent robot platform that makes people’s lives better.” Equipped with the best of AI, it is a simulation that provides interactive, candid (as outgoing as a robot can get) experience in hospitals, old age homes and schools in the USA. An AR-driven gamut of care and friendship, customised according to the user’s tendencies.

Consider then this pervasive pandemic debacle. The world is revolving around the word ‘contactless.’ Automated AI systems have helped grocery stores and hyperlocal deliveries across the world understand the customer’s pattern of needs. What would pique anybody’s interest is that a few states and leading developers have been using AI to oversee the process of creating the panacea-like vaccine. Not merely that, AI is utilised to build highly personalized contact tracing and identify the possibility of an infection.

If AI solutions are used to such great effect at the mere turn of the decade, the rest of the 21st century is yet to see tremendous growth of AI in almost every sector fathomable. 

How does your Machine Learning model enable your customers to extract more information than a regular platform?

Using ML models, we are now able to make immersive Augmented Reality experiences. Think of a scenario where you point your camera to an object; using AR, the ML model detects the object and gives you a description or its characteristics. Uniting this with AI, we are able to convert into a segment with multiple regional languages. As a result, we are able to make non-English speaking natives learn English and vice versa. So, the power of the three- ML, AI and AR is one of the most forward looking technology amalgamations.



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