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Wingify is an India based SaaS company that makes globally admired technology products. Set up in 2010 by Paras Chopra, Chairman and Founder and Sparsh Gupta, CEO and Co-Founder, Wingify is one of the few Indian companies that have reached the $23 Mn Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) mark while staying bootstrapped.

Ankit Jain is the Vice President – Engineering at Wingify. In an interaction with The Tech Pod, Ankit speaks about their latest product VWO. Read more!

Tell us something about yourself and what does your company do?

I am Ankit Jain, VP – Engineering at Wingify. I pursued Computer science engineering from the Delhi College of Engineering.  I have been associated with Wingify since 2011 when I joined the team as the first engineer and now, I lead a team of 60+ people. I’m deeply passionate about Cricket, Cars and Ethical hacking.

Wingify is an India based SaaS company that makes globally admired technology products. Incorporated in 2010, the flagship product of the organization is VWO. We are one of the few companies coming from India that have reached the $23~ Mn ARR mark while staying bootstrapped. 

VWO, our flagship product improves key business metrics by empowering the consumer to easily discover insights, test ideas, and improve engagement – across the entire customer journey. 

Some key products on the VWO Platform: 

  • VWO Testing: An experimentation product that enables businesses to create and run experiments at scale without involving their IT team. 
  • VWO Insights: A visitor behavior analysis product that combines session recordings, heatmaps, on-page surveys, and more to diagnose problem areas in visitors’ experiences. 
  • VWO Fullstack: An enterprise-grade server-side testing product that enables businesses to experiment deep into their stack and control feature rollouts. 
  • VWO Engage: An engagement product to help businesses engage with their customers through automated web push notifications and FB Messenger campaigns.
  • VWO Plan: A collaboration product that helps businesses discover growth opportunities and build a pipeline of high-impact ideas. 
  • VWO Deploy: With an intuitive, no-code editor, VWO Deploy lets you quickly tweak your websites (make changes, add widgets) without waiting upon IT.

We have 6000+ customers across 90 countries having an employee force of 250 professionals in the country. Some of the clients we work with include Walt Disney, Warner Music, Microsoft, Domino’s, Lenovo, Hyundai, Target, Bosch, Hilton, HBO, BYJUs, Encyclopaedia Britannica, Zalora, ICICI Bank, Kaya amongst others.

What is the current scope of the Internet of Things in India?

We believe increased penetration of affordable devices, combined with cloud computing, analytics and rising consumer expectations is driving the rapid growth of the IOT market. With so many companies offering solutions in the IoT segment, there is tremendous potential and opportunity for growth. 

How do you ensure the security of your customers through your products?

We owe our growth to our customers and building trust is our top priority. VWO has implemented and maintains appropriate administrative, physical, and technical safeguards for the protection of the confidentiality, integrity, availability, and privacy of our information assets & systems and customer data. Furthermore, VWO regularly tests, assesses, and evaluates the effectiveness of its Information Security Program to ensure security by design of information processing practices. We also have comprehensive privacy and security assessments and certifications performed by third parties. Such certifications include ISO 27001:2013, BS 10012:2017, PCI DSS standard certifications, etc. We also comply with national, regional, and industry best practices governing the collection and use of information, in line with acts and regulations across the globe such as GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, etc. 

What is the Segment Creator in VWO Engage?

Segment creator allows customers to create their own segments based on visitor properties. This enables you to send targeted messages through web push notifications to a certain segment of visitors.

For instance, an eCommerce company wants to bring back people who have left things in their cart. Using VWO Engage Segment Creator, they can target such visitors through web push notifications by sending our personalized communication with offers, discounts, and more.

Does VWO Smartcode Impact Bounce Rates and Page Engagement?

In the digital world, every second matters. Website load time has serious implications for user experience which can be a reason for higher bounce rate and lower page engagement. According to research by Akamai shows that every 100-millisecond delay in website load time can hurt conversion rates by 7%. Moreover, page loading time is becoming an important parameter when it comes to search engine rankings. 

Keeping all this in mind, VWO came out with an asynchronous tracking code(VWO Smartcode) which loads in parallel to your website and does not hamper the website user experience. Therefore, VWO Smartcode has no impact on Bounce Rate and Page Engagement.  Infact, you can experiment on pages having challenges such as high bounce rate and low page engagement with multiple variations to provide a delightful digital experience. So in a way, VWO Smartcode enables business owners to experiment and create a positive impact on their key metrics.



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