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Digital Jalebi is a fusion of new media design and technology and draws heavily from digital art, visual communication, architecture and programming. Digital Jalebi delivers interactive experiences. The company helps its clients establish channels of communications with their audience on a more emotional level. With a focus on spatial interactive installations, it aims at transforming spaces into more communicable and enjoyable opportunities. Using Digital Jalebi’s trans-disciplinary design approach brands can successfully showcase their vision to a vast audience.

Nikhil Joshi is the Co-founder of Digital Jalebi. In an interaction with The Tech Pod, Nikhil speaks about the role of AR/VR in experiential marketing. Read more!

Tell us something about yourself and what does your company do?

The idea to create a new media design studio came to me and Fawaz (Co-founder) while we were enrolled in National Institute of Design, the premier design school in India. We both realised that there were no reputable experiential design studios in India. So, we decided to form a studio that could build captivating exhibits and events. I am an interaction designer and work with interactive spatial installations. An experienced partner with a demonstrated history of working in the design industry.

Founded in 2012, Digital Jalebi is India’s leading experiential design studio which creates interactive experiences which are immersive, engaging and emotional. The company is continuously striving to connect brands and people in more meaningful ways by creating emotionally engaging experiences that generate lasting brand love and deliver transformative experiences that deepen brand loyalty and drive brand performance. Digital Jalebi helps clients to establish channels of communication with their audience on a more emotional level. With a focus on spatial interactive installations, we aim at transforming spaces into more communicable and enjoyable opportunities. Digital Jalebi is a fusion of new media design and technology and draws heavily from digital art, visual communication, architecture, and programming.

How is AR/VR evolving?

VR is using technology to create a simulated environment to indulge ourselves into, while AI works as a cape to technological devices with an insight of a responsive being. Merging AI and VR to create a single form of technology opens up the horizon for us. For instance, VR is already a dynamic part of the gaming industry, the introduction of AI will make it even more exciting in a way that AI would make characters of the game more intelligent to be able to react to the real-life player as per his/her preferences in a better way. AI and VR are amazing technologies, however, merging them and designing it in such a way to make an experience more interactive will be something we will be working on to create endless opportunities and will redefine the existing experiences.

Digital technology is essential for the Experiential Marketing industry? How?

We are currently living in a space where technology is upgrading every day. Somehow technology has this unique trait to alter and completely change to create meaningful experiences for the audiences. Considering most of the interactive activations got viral or grabbed the attention was only because of technology. As we use technology and design experiences in a certain way that the audiences are not exposed to or even if they are, they are unable to recall it because the design is kept unique. Technology helps the brand to create a seamless experience, making a perfect blend of the digital and real world. Also, data capturing technology helps the brand to design a completely personalized experience for its attendees. These technologies give more sense right now as the pandemic situation has created a huge need for technology intervention. Hence, we have noted the increase of relevant use of technology in the market.

What does the future of the Experiential Marketing industry look like with AR/VR technology?

Experiential marketing builds brand advocacy. It drives user generated content through personalized interaction which results in strengthened brand relationships and increased customer loyalty. This gives a long-term strategic approach to gaining and maintaining market share.

There is a limitation concerning VR headset, we have started experimenting with web VR this is also because wearing and exchanging VR headsets is a strict no in the current COVID situation. Recently we created an entire web VR walk-through for Airtel’s SIC office which allowed business partners of Airtel and other key stakeholders to understand the highest standard of cybersecurity available with Airtel. Moreover, in a personal space, some companies are exploring VR as a work from home web conferencing platform.

How important is AI for the 21st century?

AI in the 21st century is a wide term used for technologies that imitate human intelligence. It holds a range of technologies from semantic search to voice and image recognition. Machine learning is an application of AI that uses algorithms to learn from past data to create predictive models.

Earlier marketing was traditionally practiced but, with the time, rapid technological development has made brand undergo pressure from highly traceable performance measures and reaching to their consumer by giving them the relevant experience.

AI comes along as probably the most important technological breakthrough of the 21st century where technology companies are reconstructing themselves around AI. With this fast-moving world, the consumers’ attention has narrowed down to 6-7 seconds of a window for which instant gratification is the need of an hour. AI with its machine learning core is capable of keeping the brand updated with rapidly changing consumer needs and preferences. This can be attained in a smart way in which a brand can have relevant information without invading consumer’s privacy in any unsettling way.



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