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AI might just be the single largest technology revolution of our live times, with the potential to disrupt almost all aspects of human existence. With many industries aggressively investing in cognitive and AI solutions, global investments are forecast to achieve a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 50.1% to reach USD 57.6 billion in 2021. Let’s read about How AI technology will be revolutionary for Indian Education System.

AI is not a new phenomenon, with much of its theoretical and technological underpinning developed over the past 70 years by computer scientists such as Alan Turing, Marvin Minsky and John McCarthy. AI has already existed to some degree in many industries and governments. Now, thanks to virtually unlimited computing power and the decreasing costs of data storage, we are on the cusp of the exponential age of AI as organisations learn to unlock the value trapped in vast volumes of data.

How AI will be revolutionary for Education System

AI is a constellation of technologies that enable machines to act with higher levels of intelligence and emulate the human capabilities of sense, comprehend and act. Thus, computer vision and audio processing can actively perceive the world around them by acquiring and processing images, sound and speech. The natural language processing and inference engines can enable AI systems to analyse and understand the information collected.

An AI system can also take action through technologies such as expert systems and inference engines or undertake actions in the physical world. These human capabilities are augmented by the ability to learn from experience and keep adapting over time. AI systems are finding ever-wider application to supplement these capabilities across enterprises as they grow in sophistication.

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How AI will be revolutionary for Education System

Artificial intelligence, with its digital and dynamic nature, is progressing at an accelerated pace. A profound impact is also seen in the nature of services within the education sector.

In scientific terms, AI is a backend algorithm that programs machines to emulate and extend human behavior and actions.

Today, AI has left no sector untouched by its innovations and novelty. Its contributions to the educational sector, especially, have been most beneficial because education forms the basis of all knowledge and progress. Therefore, empowering and updating educational systems with AI has resulted in better impartment of knowledge and thorough and worthy evaluation of assessments by making them less of a blackbox.

How AI will be revolutionary for Education System

An effective education sector has the ability to transform a country through development of human resources and increased productivity. In the context of emerging countries particularly, levels of education and literacy of the population play an important role in development and overall transition to an advanced economy. This is how AI technology is going to be revolutionary for Indian Education System.

According to surveys, 75% of teachers in USA believe printed books will entirely be replaced by digital learning tools. Is the Internet and technology really a game changer within the education sector? The answer is, yes.

The world has entered into the digital age, and technology has touched every part of the human life, whether it is business, communication, travel, health, or education. The global education system has taken it hands-on and the implications of advanced technology have created wonders in this field. From Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to automation and digitization, the global learning sector has been among the segments most benefitted from technology. For decades, the changes in human life were speculated about with the advent in AI and technology, and now they can be experienced for real by anyone around them.

How AI will be revolutionary for Education System

This article is penned down by Aviraj Sharma. Aviraj is a 22 year old writer, filmmaker and have a niche for upcoming technological innovations leading to a simultaneous cultural revolution.



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