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Covid-19 has impacted 5% IT employees in India, taking away almost 200,000 jobs and the impact is harsher on the young workforce who are just about passing from their colleges. The students who are just about starting their career are much more worried because they will face an unprecedented stricter and frugal hiring environment.
Computer Science graduates who are finishing their education this year are the worried lot considering in any case computer science graduates are amongst the highest unemployed workforce. The work from home environment has added another set of trouble, as they are not to be easily trusted by the employees to work remotely straight away. 
The pandemic`s worst impact has been that the companies have become frugal with their hiring budgets considering the ban on travel and thus slowing down demand generation process and also due to the fact that economies like USA, Europe are also going through their worst time frame, the business has really been slowed down thus impacting hiring in a massive way. 

Thetechpod spoke with HR leaders and spoke to them about the current environment and their expectations from the younger workforce. There were 4 key points that formed the crux of the discussion, they are – 

  1. The hiring has not slowed down drastically, it’s the lack of skills that are bothering the industry. 
  2. The freshers should also work on soft skills including personality, communication etc along with their technical skills 
  3. Use this time to do online courses available and upskill yourself. The industry is demanding this from academic institutions as well.
  4. The technology hiring would be back to normal in 3-6 months.

Watch the full interaction:



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