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Data plays a huge role in Indian market

Data plays a huge role in Indian market – Rajit Bhattacharya

With the ideology of building the next google for businesses The Data Sutram platform comprises two parts: a data engine and visualization. The first part is


IOT has penetrated in all fields of day to day life – Sangeeta Chhabra

Real Time Data Services is a company responsible for providing advanced IT solutions in the field of communication and cloud computing to customers all around the world for over a decade.


Finin is The Future of the Banking Ecosystem – Suman Gandham

Finin has plug in advanced AI technology into his digitized banking sector which automatically keeps tap on their customer money transaction and most importantly it helps in suggesting the customer about managing their wealth, savings, Investments and all this is done by the AI technology brought by Mr. Suman


We build various ML based analytics capabilities to detect threats – Shomiron Das Gupta

DNIF is an open Analytics Platform that uses Deep-Tech to Auto-magically identify Outliers in users application and systems in general.


We are investing heavily in Big Data because it makes the process more efficient – Rachit Chawla

Right from Lending to Investment Advisory and Wealth Management to Insurance, Finway Capital offers a holistic financial platform to individuals and small businesses.


AI is helping us understand and assess our consumer needs – Taher Mandiwala

Hats-Off, founded in the autumn of 2011, is a full-service digital marketing agency which is trying to solve dormant problems in the world of digital marketing.