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You should never waste a crisis – Ajay Data

Dr. Ajay Data is the Founder & CEO of Data Xgen Technologies. He is an Indian entrepreneur and elected Chair of Universal Acceptance Steering Group (UASG) .


Fuelled by the impact of COVID-19, digital is no longer a choice – Raj Sundaresan

Altimetrik is a business and IT transformation accelerator. They partner with Fortune 500 companies to deliver fast, meaningful outcomes


Integrating innovative technologies into the process – Akihiko Iketani

NLI works on community-based solutions approach for addressing social problems related to transport and logistics. As part of the process, NLI focuses on co-creation by engaging with start-ups, local entrepreneurs and even technology graduates.


AI has the potential to not only handle processes independently but also predict patterns and risks – Srividya Kannan

Avaali is a consulting and technology services company specializing in Information Management.