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Dash Cams will be the next black box for automobiles - Vanesh Naidoo

Dash Cams will be the next black box for automobiles – Vanesh Naidoo

Vanesh Naidoo is the Founder & Director at Safe Cams Digital Eye – a leading Indian dash camera brand. He also holds the Executive Director position at Safe Cams Fleet.

AI & IoT can be used to detect potential points of leakage - Advait Kumar

AI & IoT can be used to detect potential points of leakage – Advait Kumar

Advait Kumar is the Co-Founder at Swajal. He is a young technocrat with a vision of community building.


Technology is impacting all areas of life and Businesses are no exception – S. Swaminathan

GS1 India is a standards organization set up in India by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India, along with other apex bodies and institutions, with an objective to help Indian Industry in adopting global GS1 standards in their supply chains to enhance efficiency and profitability.


5G is the next big disruptive innovation – Amit Aggarwal

Effectual Services is a leading Intellectual Property Management Advisory firm that offers IP support solutions to Fortune 500 companies, leading law firms, research institutes and universities, and venture capital firms/PE firms.


5G Broadcast is one such innovative solution – Parag Naik

Saankhya Labs is a premier Wireless Communication and Semiconductor chipset company. A highly innovative company with several international patents, Saankhya is the pioneer in Software Defined Radio Chipsets.


ML and AI, IoT has a promising future for our Country – Rohin Prakar

Spintly focuses on changing the way we do things and improve human efficiency. Spintly Smart Access Control technology helps one gain access to your secure spaces by simply using your smart phone and helps you get rid of your access control card.


IOT has penetrated in all fields of day to day life – Sangeeta Chhabra

Real Time Data Services is a company responsible for providing advanced IT solutions in the field of communication and cloud computing to customers all around the world for over a decade.


It won’t be wrong to say that the future for AI is now – Achin Gupta

Ecom Express is a leading end-to-end technology enabled logistics solutions provider to the Indian e-commerce industry. The company has established its presence in the industry due to a differentiated business model which is built on delivery service capability, scalability, customization and sustainability.


IoT adoption in Indian smart cities is already making a niche space in the Indian business – UdayaBhaskar Rao Abburu

iRAM Technologies is a product development and technology company that offers advanced solutions based on IoT


IoT is nothing less than a blessing in disguise – Yogesh Agarwal

Onsurity is a global Healthtech organization which is disrupting the financial services and healthcare industry with its unique mix of technology and innovation to improve customer experience.