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Filtering of data parameters is executed based on the AI-ML algorithms – Abhijeet D. Pandit

SynPhNe (Synergistic Physio-Neuro Platform), a Digital Neurological Therapeutics is a start-up
company that specialises in wearable technology solutions and therapy devices. It highlights a
person’s unconscious muscle and brain responses which may be hampering recovery and
performance of everyday tasks. It is the world’s first medical device that personalizes in post-treatment therapy for faster and fuller
recovery of the patients suffering from any symptom of Stroke.


AI is increasing developments in the tech space – Sachin Dev Duggal builds, runs and scales just about anything you can think of. The human-assisted AI can build the tailor-made software using the collective knowledge of what’s been built before, an assembly line connects reusable features with specialist creators from the global network.’s products include Builder Studio, Builder Care, Builder Cloud, Builder Now (launched Nov’19), and most recently Builder Store.


Using ML models, we are now able to make immersive Augmented Reality experiences – Snehaal Dhruv

Superfan.AI is considered to be one of the pioneers and flag bearers of Augmented Reality from India.