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The Tech Pod, IncubateInd, E-4, Sector 3, Third floor, Noida, 201301


We are currently living in a space where technology is upgrading every day – Nikhil Joshi

Digital Jalebi is a fusion of new media design and technology and draws heavily from digital art, visual communication, architecture and programming. Digital Jalebi delivers interactive experiences.


VR is an effective solution to stay under lockdown & conduct Business as usual – Gautam Tewari

Trezi is a virtual reality product that enables architects, designers, building product manufacturers and other stakeholders in the building industry to experience the design project and collaborate on it with clients and other stakeholders, in an immersive virtual environment at full scale and colour.


Top technologies which have helped in fighting COVID-19

Epidemics and pandemics have always been threatening the human race time and again. With each such outbreak, humans are trying to learn new ways of fighting and managing such unexpected diseases that can potentially kill many people.